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Home-made squirrel twirler

My hubby whipped two of these up in an afternoon a few weeks ago for well under $20 for the pair. The squirrels have finally discovered the bird feeders, so we put this on the opposite side of the yard to distract them even a bit. We had been looking at the online, but he figured he could make one for cheaper. They very much like it – we’re probably going to end up buying these corn logs because they last a lot longer (the things that aren’t eaten yet in the pic). Sorry about the artsy shots – I didn’t realize I had the yellow color isolation on after taking some flower pics, but it looks kind of fancy, so meh.

squirrel feeder

squirrel feeder

squirrel twirler

squirrel twirler

(blurry) squirrel enjoying the feeder

(blurry) squirrel enjoying the feeder

Posts will prob be few this week/month. July is the month where there are pretty much at least 2 bdays a week Craziness! Yesterday I went to my parents’ for my aunt’s bday, today took the cats to the vet, gym tomorrow, Wednesday is my dad’s bday, Thursday I have to pick up CSA food again, Friday going to a concert in Baltimore, then this weekend family is coming to town and we’re doing my dad’s bday again and going to a Nationals game – so I want to get the house cleaned up and some stuff planted before they come, but I’m not sure when! Ack.


  1. I’ve never seen one of these. Looks intriguing. What a talented hubby you have!

    So, it spins around? And the squirrel likes it? Do they fall off when they try to eat? What are the other things, the brownish ones. Are those actual corn cobs? How do they attach?

    Would be cool if you put up the instructions for building this.

    Enjoy all your July celebra-craziness!

  2. If I can get him to whip up some directions, I’ll post them. Yup – the piece in front spins around when they grab on. The squirrels still eat from them (as you can see from the pic, they also cheat!). Do they not have squirrel twirlers up there in Canada?? ;)

    Yes, the brownish ones are actual corn cobs that have already been finished off – they all attach from a screw sticking out from the round piece. We just had to buy more corn today – we’re going to have some fat squirrels!

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