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Meet our new doggie, LucyLou.

So I went away last weekend to my aunt’s surprise 50th birthday party in North Carolina. Hubby was going to come, but he got some part-time work (he’s a deputy) on Saturday and had some stuff to do around the house, so he stayed home and I went with the parents. When I returned, I found this:

puppy inspection

puppy inspection

Nope, I’m not talking about the mess. I’m talking about the 8 month old hound mutt puppy on the floor that everyone is staring at. Hubby snuck her in while I was away, on a “trial basis” from the local Humane Society. BAD HUSBAND!


Alice has a Princess Pillow, so Lucy gets a doggie version.

But the cats are actually doing shockingly well. Hubby has wanted a dog for a long time, but I’ve been apprehensive. I love dogs, but I LOOOOVE my kitty cats and do not want them to feel threatened or not be happy. Also, while we have a nice-sized yard, we have an astonishingly small house (the square footage is only 3 digits…small), and hubby tended towards liking larger dogs. So I figured if he IS going to get a dog (knowing he will get one eventually because that’s how husbands are), I’d at least voice my opinion on the size and type of dog. I’ve always kind of liked beagles, and they’re a good medium-sized and still manly dog. So we kinda sorta looked at beagles online – to appease him. I did not think he would sneak one in while I was away!

lucy kong

size comparison to my feets

This spring, we almost adopted a friend’s dog. He and his wife were moving from their house to a small apartment that did not allow dogs. He was older and trained, so I said we’d give it a try. Unfortunately, as soon as Hank saw the dog, he lost control of his little kitty bladder, peed on the table, and hid under the bed. Alice was a bit more tolerant and just hissy. But that dog was really too big, anyway. Lucy is basically fully grown. I’d still prefer a cat-sized dog, but she’s not too big.

hank lucy

Possibly as close as they've gotten sans-hiss.

The cats have been pretty good with Miss Lucy. Hank is still more afraid, and it’s adorable how Alice will jump in to his defense when she can tell he’s really freaked out. But they aren’t really running away, just doing the low growl thing, or puffing up and hissing and doing kitty face smacks if puppy won’t leave them alone. Puppy wants to play with the kitties, but we keep telling her that the kitties do NOT want to play! She’ll learn eventually. Luckily, at 8 months old, she’s already house broken (just a couple accidents so far because she pees a LOT!) and does not seem to mind being crated at night. She also already knows SIT, which is handy. Now if I can just get hubby to enforce the no doggies in bed rule (kitties in bed – doggies stink!!) and keep Lucy out of the cat food and toys (my kitties LOVE their toys!)…

Lucy sit

Lucy, SIT


  1. ferNo Gravatar says:

    I love the first photo. Your cats are giving him the mean eye, like saying “yes, I will be watching you…”

  2. Aunt DebNo Gravatar says:

    Every man needs a dog. And you are probably going to be surprised to see how much you can love a dog, too. Not that you wouldn’t like any animal, but there really is something special about a dog that I did not learn about until my sweet Scout came along. I still miss her, but Joy does help fill that void.

    1. JennahNo Gravatar says:

      She’s growing on me :) I’ve always wanted a dog, too, it’s just our small house that’s always made me leery. She’s working out very well, though!

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