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Growing potatoes in burlap bags

The potatoes are planted! Will mentioned at some point this summer that he wanted to grow potatoes this year. I told him to have at it and tossed him my Seed Savers’ Exchange catalog. He picked two kinds…that I will have to look up the names of and add to this post later.


We got them at some point in February and let them stay in a cool spot in the kitchen in their box. When we took them out about 2 weeks ago, they were very sprouty. After a little more time sprouting, Will cut them up into sections so there was an eye/sprouts on each one and let them sit outside for a day or so to harden over, as suggested by the directions.


After looking at lots of different grow bags and other potato growing ideas, he ordered 2 different kinds of bags from (super cheap bags + crazy shipping = still cheaper than the other places). He ordered some plain ol’ burlap bags (which actually are potato bags – ha!), and some…I don’t know what to call them, but plasticy burlap bags, basically. So some of our potatoes are layered in both (burlap on top for aesthetic reasons), and some just have burlap. Experiment! (Note – we didn’t plant them in the ground because our ground is pretty hard other than the already-gardeny areas, and full of giant pieces of buried asphalt from previous owners.)


About a month ago Will found a $10 off $50 coupon for Lowe’s. Since we didn’t need anything (we’d JUST bought paint for the kitchen and living room, iirc), he bought $50 of topsoil and compost for the potato bags and to add to the raised beds (which is kind of a lot of the cheap stuff). As the potatoes start to grow and leaf, we’ll unroll the bags and add dirt to keep them covered. Can’t wait to see how it goes.


I even have a sappy grandfather potato story, but I’ll save that for the harvest ;)

(And just so you know, later that afternoon I raked up the “old veggie garden” area behind where the potatoes are (where the rosemary is) and put a blue tarp over top to hopefully kill the weeds. I hope to grow herbs there this year, like I did last year (lots of basil and stuff).


  1. Interesting vessels for the potatoes. I can’t wait to see how it works out.

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