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The Future of the Blog

I’m still going to be largely MIA here for a while. Because I’m tired. What kind of creature eats every 3 hours? sheesh. That’s the one drawback of breastfeeding: only I can do it (yeah I can pump, but I’m putting that off as long as possible until I go back to work, since sometimes they get spoiled and will only drink from a bottle after having one). But Ainsley’s a pretty darn good baby so far and sleeps fairly well (though her most awake period of the day is between 9PM-12AM, which is pretty cruel). Plus she’s pretty freaking cute. (Credit for the weekly pics idea goes to Young House Love.)

2 weeks

2 weeks

But I’m not ditching the blog and definitely not ditching gardening. If I ever get around to it, I’m going to make some new header images that reflect that the blog’s now about more than just gardening.

It’ll be interesting to see how much I can garden this year. I’m probably not going to start any seeds myself. First of all, because I’ve got a baby to worry about making grow. And also, the seed starting shelf met an unfortunate demise when the shed was hit by lightning over the summer, so we’d have to rig up a new one, anyway. I’ll just buy starts from the Amish and maybe get a couple from the plant exchange (I still have perennials I can divide and share). I’m going to focus my efforts mainly on tomatoes (and peppers, but they seem to do great no matter how much neglect they get) so I can have more sauce and salsa this year. Last year was just an awful tomato year for me.

I won’t be able to spend all day outside while Will is working for the weekend. Usually I get most of my gardening done during his work weekends, so we can do other stuff together while he’s off. But now, I’ll have to do it more when he is home and can watch Ainsley.

We’ll see how things go, but this is def going to be a crazy year for us. Lots of changes. And hopefully lots of happy.

[PS - If anyone knows how to properly white balance and Olympus PEN, that'd be awesome. I can find the setting and seem to be following the directions, but it doesn't really...seem to work.]


  1. Aunt DebNo Gravatar says:

    Looks like her Daddy in this pic! She’s a beaut!

  2. Janice (Mom)No Gravatar says:

    You know your mom here will be available to help with Ainsley and your gardening. So, that’s all set. We (I) have a plan. It will be fun. We’ll teach Ainsley how to garden. <3

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