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All About Babywearing

So I am so, so totally into babywearing. (How lamesauce does that make me sound?) I love it! Deets…

I got the Moby from some wonderful guests at my shower and used it a lot when Miss A was little. It was great when she was fussy for whatever reason and wanted to be picked up, but I wanted to do computer stuff, straighten the house, or do something else that required me to not be holding a little one (or my arms were tired). Also I felt SUPERTRENDY when using it, so there’s that. We also have a Baby Bjorn (long story, but we won it). I used that a lot, too (I found it quicker to put on), and Will even used it a couple times. I found it not as comfy to wear, though, for walks or if I was really just sitting around the house with a baby strapped to me.

Eventually, I found myself using the Bjorn or Moby more often than our fancy stroller thing for walks. In our small house, that stroller was kind of a production to get out, put together (it has a bassinet thing for little ones), and get outside. Even for the “travel system” stroller, it was just meh – easier to wrap.

Thennnn I expressed an interest in learning more to a couple friends (check out the babywrapping youtube videos one of them does!) in a little mommy group we have. They were both users of “woven wraps,” which work great for bigger babies. Though the Moby SAYS it is OK for babies up to 35lbs or something, you will find that it starts to stretch out and get saggy as they get bigger. I found that A had really outgrown that being comfortable without a lot of adjusting around 4-5 months. So it was time to graduate to woven!

For a while, I practiced slipknots at home and even wore Ainsley in some random scarf/pashmina things that I had that worked (she was smaller then). Soon, I bought a ring sling used from one of those said friends. LOVED it. It’s actually super comfortable, and really quick and easy to use. Practically foolproof.

I then began browsing actual wraps and became OBSESSED with the pretty rainbow ones. Well…after lots of stalking and obsessing over price and etc etc…I ended up finding the one I wanted (Size 6 Girasol Light Rainbow) for about $150 shipped. (Actually a bargain. Some of it gets crazy with people wanting specific patterns etc. I once saw a used one for sale for over $1k. CRAZY. Plus it is handmade in Guatemala by villagers or whatever, so.) Done and done.

Girasol Light Diamonds size 6 – Robin’s Hip Carry

And. I. Love. It. It sounds crazy, but this piece of fabric is actually more comfy than a Bjorn with padded straps! Since I bought it, I can probably count on one hand how many times we’ve used a stroller. Thrifting at the Farmer’s Market? Can’t wheel that damn thing through half the booths. But a wrap? FINE!

Looking at chickens at the county fair? Totally cool wrapped.

She’s happy and calm when she is wrapped, just checking out the world around her. (Note: babies in wrapping videos often seem annoyed. That’s because mom isn’t walking around and doing something cool, she interrupted their playing or whatever. Don’t let that deter you!)

My next step is to try and figure out some back carries. I can do them, but Miss A is a hair puller, so I have to figure that out. As she gets bigger, front carries will become less of an option. But seriously – you feel kind of like an awesome supermom, the wraps are pretty (seriously any styleprintcolor you can imagine!), and the actual wrapping techniques are also pretty and fun to learn. It’s also a great way to keep your baby close after you get home from a long day at work when you have to get things done, but also just want to snuggle (and so does baby). When you’re out and about, you get a mix of people claiming you’re going to drop the baby and people thinking it’s beautiful and cool and wanting details. More of the latter, actually.

If you’re interested in learning more, look for a local chapter of Babywearers International. Due to my lovely friends, we now have a local chapter in Southern Maryland! Like the Facebook page and check it out. Don’t worry if you’re not totally crunchy and hippie, either – it’s a total mixed bag and the ladies are wonderful and helpful. They also have a butt-ton of wraps you can try if you want to give it a whirl but aren’t sure you want to commit to the pricetag yet or aren’t sure what kind or size to buy.

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  1. brandilynNo Gravatar says:

    oh my gosh, your rainbow wrap is GORGEOUS! and ditto on how happy they are when they’re being worn…joony always settles right down, snuggles up, and looks around. i’m still doing the front-carry at 7.5 months and 25 pounds–woof! i’m totally adding a new wrap to my christmas list, thanks for the awesome informative post! you and your baby are just beautiful :)

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