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Termites in the Hizzouse – I apologize in advance for the gross photos.

So. These are all the things that have been on my “to blog about” list for a while:

  • supercheap and cute Amazon and eBay jewelry I have gotten

  • Fixing all of my associate/affiliate links, so if you want to give me some props it’s super-easy for you. But I’ll save you time and share probably the best one. Ebates! Join, download the toolbar (I am totally anti-toolbar, but this one has SERIOUSLY saved me money), and click every time you shop online to see if there are ebates (or let the toolbar tell you automatically). I just cashed in $50 cashback at Amazon for purchases that I would have made anyway. Free money, seriously. (Please join using my link!) There are other affiliate links in my sidebar that I would greatly appreciate you using if you are thinking of joining one of the programs there (I have more I have to add….reading through all the daily deals sites is my lunchtime at work routine).
  • spraypainting some old grungy flowerpots to make them pretty again
  • the plan we have for brick edger along the main garden
  • fixing a cat scratcher using rope rather than buying a new one
  • moving some stuff around in the yard and planting 2 nandinas a friend gave me
  • spraypainting the dresser that used to be in the bedroom to match its new home in the living room.

But then this happened.

termite damage


termite damage

That is not rice. Sorry for giving you the creepycrawlies.


I was working on completing that last bullet in that list. Will had awesomely taken the dresser and was adding feet to it, and was then prepared to spraypaint it the next day. We had moved it outside, so I was doing a quick cleaning of the floor in the area where it was (pet hair….ugh). Which included walking on the floor there (CRAZY, I know). And my heel went through a spot. My rage slowly built, but I waited until Will was done with the dresser feet project (ha), and then told him there was a problem. He immediately poked at it, the hole fell apart, and then we both got pissed and he pulled up a few floorboards (of the laminate hardwood he and his dad installed themselves in DECEMBER). And it was pretty clear that we had termites. They had eaten the foam backing off of the laminate and were working their way through.

Flashback to December…there WAS an issue in this spot. The floor was spongy and the words “this maybe looks like termites” WERE spoken. But despite SEVERAL side-eyes from me, the decision was made to pretend we didn’t see that because it was probably “old damage.” Lesson learned.

SO ANYWAY. Last weekend, Will and his dad (thank GOD for Will’s dad) fixed the floor. There had been previous damage that was fixed basically only cosmetically. They just put a new board over the damage, but not even in a way that gave any structural help…it just covered it up. So they replaced joists, replaced the effing board that goes under the wall and HOLDS UP THE HOUSE (oh hey, that’s why our front door has always been crooked…because our house was falling apart), and put in a new door (positive point: the new door is CUTE!!). Oh, and this also affects the corner of Ainsley’s room (^*%%*^&!), but they’re waiting until we get the floor in so they can tackle her room all in one day.

Horrifying photos:

termite damage

the hole that started it all

termite damage

seems safe.

termite damage

termite damage

termite damage

that is not mulch.

termite damage

termite damage

That board doesn’t look important, anyway. Just, you know, if you want your house to stay up.

They finished replacing the subflooring, joists, and door in a weekend. They are awesome (though my cleanliness OCD is totally in overdrive right now). So we still need to order more flooring (thankfully, they still carry it). Will and his dad need to replace the flooring, fix the door, replace some drywall, put back the trim… and then do all of that to Ainsley’s room (smaller area, hopefully). We then need to paint the trim and the door. OH, and the effing dresser. (So much for painting/redoing the bedroom anytime soon?)

So seriously, if you THINK at ALL that you have a termite problem, call the professionals and don’t just stick a couple stakes out. It is pricey to get it fixed, but it is way more pricey to have to replace half your house and STILL need to get it fixed. Call someone as soon as you see a problem (I have pointed them out in the garden for years, but we pretended like they surely were not eating the house).

Happy holidays. I can legit be a grinch this year now, right?? So blogging might be sparse for a while, while I just generally hate the world.


  1. Aunt DebNo Gravatar says:

    Boy, has that been aggravating! I’ve always heard they can do a lot of damage in a short amount of time as is pretty obvious. Bet it made you feel like something was crawling all over you after finding those. YIKES!!! Seems like there were enough of them that they must have been making lots of noise. Lucy Lou should have been able to sniff those suckers out. ;o) Joy can smell a grub worm buried in our yard and will dig it up. So sorry this happened.

  2. LindaNo Gravatar says:

    OMG, is right! Yikes. Not had a termite problem at our house but we had water problems and does that ever make a mess. We had dry rot down the side of our house where the window in our bathroom shower was – right down to the floor joists. We had to replace the outside wall and the floor in the bathroom and adjoining bedroom. What a mess that was.

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