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Project Blue Bedroom

I’ve wanted to change up the bedroom for quite some time now. I’ve never been crazy about the color since we moved. It’s called ‘carmelized onion’ and both Will and I hate onions, so I should have known. But it’s actually the same color we used in our bedroom when we lived with Will’s parents for a while, and we liked it there. Prime example of how lighting can change how you view a color! I tried to work with it, but I was finally just over it. And Will wasn’t crazy about it, either.

The thing is, I knew it would be a pain to paint that room. Similar to our former living room problem, the furniture in here is toooooo biiiig. And we have little excuse this time, since we bought the furniture after we bought the house. But we didn’t measure, and just assumed it would fit. Well, it’s wall-to-wall furniture in there, and I have juuuust enough space between the bed and dresser to get to my side. (It was fun while pregnant, and is fun when you have to get up in the middle of the night.) I would really like new, smaller bedroom furniture, but we also have a small closet, so we store lots of stuff in those giant side tables and that big ol’ dresser. (I’m just over the bed.) Maybe eventually.

bedroom before
bedroom mirror

Useless mirror. And to take this pic, I was ALL the way back against the other wall. Tiny room. That green dresser is now blue and in the living room.

Bedroom - view into hall

Bedroom – view into hall

bedroom before - Valspar Carmelized Onion walls

bedroom before – Valspar Carmelized Onion walls. (Obviously from a while ago, since A’s bassinet is still in the room!)

closet curtains

We took the broken cloet doors down right after we moved in, and I just hung curtains “temporarily” (6 years ago)

Well, I finally decided we needed to paint like…last year? I got a ton of samples and even painted a couple on the wall. I decided on greige and announced it to Will. He deemed that “boring.” OK, then. I tossed around other colors. Deep blue was also boring, yellow was too bright, green was already in the kitchen. We settled on red or orange. I brought home a bunch of swatches and, to my surprise, we both picked orange – specifically Valspar’s Dark Palomino. (Since Will has been known to hold things up to his red hair to see if they “go,” this was a shock. I may never be able to find him in the bedroom, now.) It would actually go with the navy duvet set I’d already bought, so I liked the idea. We bought the paint quite a while ago, but finally painted recently when my parents watched Ainsley overnight.

Lesson: don’t rely on paint with “primer included”. Get a tinted primer (apparently they “didn’t have any.”) For this tiny room, we used TWO WHOLE GALLONS of paint! Crazy. If you follow me on Instagram, you saw some progress pics. Here are a few more.

closet door off

painting the bedroom

painting the bedroom

after the first day’s coats

painting the bedroom

Lucy “helped”

painting the bedroom

almost there!

painting the bedroom

This shows how little room I had to work with.

painting the bedroom

It would really open up the bedroom if we just left the dresser in the hallway. However…

And now the finished product! It’s REALLY hard to photograph this color.

orange and blue bedroom - valspar dark palomino orange and blue bedroom orange and blue bedroom

There is still a lot to do. I am planning on making some curtains (since we don’t have blinds, we just temporarily hung the old ones on some cheap tension rods). I need to figure out the art situation. The thing behind the bed doesn’t work that well, but I am pretty OK with the random map. I planned on doing a frame collage around the TV, but I actually kind of like it plain, so we’ll see.  The closet doors need to be painted (interestingly, or just white?) Maybe make some new pillow covers (be proud – I recently finally parted with a bunch of throw pillows from my way-too-big stash). But so far, I am really liking the new bedspread (which I bought over a year ago, but have been “saving”) and the color. It actually really brightens up the room even though it’s kind of a dark color. I’m glad we did this instead of greige! I am also SERIOUSLY contemplating a new bed. This one is…eh. And also, because of the slight sleigh design, we’re probably losing like 5-6 inches of space between the slope in the headboard and footboard, and I’ve love to have that extra space for the smalllll area I have to walk between the bed and the dresser. I’m thinking maybe a 4-post bed (but not with tall posts)? I’m keeping an eye out on Craigslist.

Since Will is AWFUL at edging, we’re also planning on eventually putting up crown molding (we’ll still have some touching up to do, though). I can actually edge by hand without tape, but since Will can reach the ceiling without standing on anything, he does that part. Obviously, it is not his strong suit.

Hopefully it continues to come together, but I am liking it still so far!

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  1. Aunt DebNo Gravatar says:

    Sometimes I wish I could be so bold as to use color on the walls. As you know, I have white, but all my molding, chair rail is a gold color. It seems to be a rather neutral color. I, too, have painted while furniture is in a room and that is sooo very hard. I’m glad you are happy with your latest color selection. ;o)

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