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Shop with Me! Zulily Window Shopping Trip

You may have noticed a new tab up by where you click to view Ainsley’s weeklies. This tab leads to a page of affiliate links for companies I use where I get a little credit if you use my link to buy or join. I also have a few on the sidebar of the main page (any time you shop Amazon, if you just click to get there via my site, I get credit! Even if you don’t buy something I specifically link or mention!), but this is where all of them live. If you have a minute to check it out, please do. It is now my lunch break habit to browse the daily deals for a lot of these sites (I have them filtered so they all go into one folder in my gmail), and I’ve gotten some really cool things from them!


One of the first that I really got into was Zulily. As far as I know , it’s one of the original “daily deals” site specifically designed for moms. They have collections of items for babies, kids, moms, dads, and home (I have friends who aren’t yet moms who are members and did some great Christmas shopping there!). The items are generally really affordable, and you can often get some pretty luxe brands for reasonable prices. Each sale lasts for about 3 days, so there is a limited time period to browse. One thing I like about Zulily more than the other sites? I tend to put things in my cart and think about them for a bit (even if it is a limited-time sale). Some of the other sites only let you reserve things in your cart for a few hours and STILL have inventory problems. Zulily keeps the item in your cart until it’s sold out and will remind you with a quick email if the item is still available and in your cart and the sale is about to end. So much better than having to re-find items you browsed for! I’ve gotten several things from there, including a stamped pendant with Ainsley’s name on it and an “all you need is love” poster for her room. A friend got Ainsley an adorable toy turtle that crawls around, and that was from Zulily. Also a really cool fold-up tote bag. They have a little of everything, seriously.

So when Zulily asked me if I would like to share some window shopping ideas with you all, I said HECK YES.

First, let’s just look at a few of the items I browsed last week. These are no longer available, but give you an idea of the cool stuff you can get. I am in the market for a new door mat to go with the new door that we plan on painting yellow this spring (the one we got as a wedding shower gift got all messed up during the termite fix, but it served us well for 6 years!). I’m also trying to spice up my wardrobe – I have a bad habit of always buying solids because “they go with anything.” But I also have a “rule” that I should wear one pattern in every outfit so it’s not boring. That becomes a problem when you don’t HAVE any patterned clothing! And obviously cute baby stuff is always good.


Cute stuff, decent prices, right? OK, so now let’s take a trip through some stuff that should be available when this post publishes.

I am not currently/yet the mommy to a little boy. But you can bet that when I am, I will force him to dress like an adorable little skater boy as long as I can. [DC Shoes Sale]
DC Shoes toddler tee

How adorable would this be in a nursery? And how cool that it’s not just a cute piece of art, it has Newton’s 3 laws of physics on it. Nerd baby alert! [Nerdy Baby Sale]

Cute mom clothes that are weekend AND work appropriate? Yes, please. And that pink one is SORT of a pattern. And I love jackets, and have been obsessed with biker jackets recently. One with ruffles? I’ll take it. [Lovely Layers: Women's Apparel Sale]

I never got any maternity clothes from Zulily because I really started getting into checking their emails kind of late in the game, and their shipping does take a while. I was always afraid that by the time I got it, it wouldn’t fit any more. (They do now have some items that are “ready to ship” and will get to you much faster. Look for the icon!) I totally would have been fine, though, and they often have really cute stuff. Which is a nice departure, since 90% of my maternity clothes came from either WalMart or thrift stores. Next time, I’m going to treat myself to a few nice pieces from here. This is a great price for a nice pair of maternity jeans that should get you through about month 7 (after that, the under belly is just noooooot comfy, and you will want a full belly panel in nude to wear under anything!). [Oh Momma! Sale]

WHAT?! This is brilliant. My too-tall piles of folded things in the closet are ALWAYS falling over. They sell both the bins to keep that from happening, and these cool sheets so you can pull out the top RIGHT in the middle without screwing up the pile (a skill I have mastered frim my college time in retail, but my husband – as sure as many others, I’m sure – has not).[Neatnix Sale]

I have been trying to go reusable as much as possible for quite a while now at lunch, and have been doing pretty good. These bags are adorable and a really great price for the set. [Bring It Sale]

One of the first reasons I started to obsessively check these daily deals sites is because rug sales would pop up fairly often, and we were going to be needing some after we took out our carpeting. I really like both of these (the yellow one is wool – great price!). [Surya Sale]

OH, and have you gotten an Ebates account yet? If you shop online you MUST get one. Tons of sites give you cash back! And guess what? Zulily is one of them! So sign up for Ebates, go to ebates and search for zulily, then click through to get (currently) 3.5% cash back! (Or download and use the toolbar and save a few steps.) It adds up!

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