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Cleaning the INSIDE of fleece-lined shoes or slippers


Will got me some Minnetonka slippers for Christmas – a considerable upgrade from the cheap-o WalMart pair of moccasins I had been wearing. So much more comfy! I’ve actually almost accidentally left the house with them on several times (don’t teenage girls just wear them out, anyway?). And since my feet are always cold, I am wearing these 95.7% of the time I am in the house.

And somehow, even though I don’t run through the dirt before I put them on, even though often I put them on fresh out of the shower with clean tootsies, the insides get gross.

cleaning fleece shoes

I won’t post a macro of that because ew. It’s a complete mystery to me, but I suspect it has to do with the fact that I rarely wear socks with any shoes, so if I put them on right after changing out of work or weekend shoes, whatever is in the bottoms of those (wherever THAT comes from) also creeps into my slippers. Remember those infomercial Japanese things that you stuck to the bottom of your foot to ‘draw toxins out’? Maybe I need those.

BUT ANYWAY. I’m keeping these suckers for a good long time, so I wanted to clean the insides out. I used to toss my WalMart ones in the washing machine because of they fell apart I didn’t really care. But these I care about! I figured I could find some suggestions to clean them online – after all, all those fleece-lined Uggs of several years ago probably needed some scrubbing. But all I could find were instructions to clean the OUTSIDE of similar suede shoes with fleece lining.

So I made it up. And it worked! Here’s what I did.

cleaning fleece shoes


- washcloth – preferably not a good one, or one in a dark color
- blue Dawn dishsoap (or storebrand of it if you’re cheap)…any dish soap or even gentle face cleanser should work OK
- water
- skanky slippers

OK, so first if your shoes are really gross and have lots of pet hair, you may even want to quickly vac them out with the vac hose. I didn’t do this, but will next time bc I got so much dog hair as I scrubbed. ick. Put a couple DROPS of Dawn on my washcloth. Seriously, just a bit. Then wet the washcloth a bit – damp, but not soaked.

Then get to work! Scrub, scrub, scrub.

cleaning fleece shoes

You should see the funk coming off as you go along. You should be horrified. Here is one side mostly done and one side not.

cleaning fleece shoes

When you feel satisfied, rinse the washcloth (or use a new one) and wipe things down a bit more with just water to get some of the soap out. Fluff up the fleece lining (you can use a comb or brush, but I just used the washcloth to fluff) and let air dry. VOILA! Almost like new.

cleaning fleece shoes

cleaning fleece shoes

Do this a few times a year and your shoes will be much less dirty than they good be.


  1. RachelNo Gravatar says:

    Ah! I’m so glad I came across this! I have a pair of the Minnetonkas and I’m obsessed, but they’re getting a little gross on the inside. Such a great help!

  2. TumainiNo Gravatar says:

    I am so grateful. This info is a great help.Dog peed on mine. Thank you

  3. TerriNo Gravatar says:

    Exactly what I was looking for and on the exact same slippers. I use that blue Dawn on my makeup brushes bc I figure if they clean oil spill crap off baby ducks with it then my make up brushes should do fine. I’m starting on the Minnetonka’s now with the blue Dawn and many thanks!

  4. SandeeNo Gravatar says:

    OMG Thank you!! I have almost the identical story: had Walmart slippers, got Minnetonka’s for Christmas (gray ones). I don’t go walking around in the dirt either but they got uber nasty! Thanks for the help!

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