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Brick Edgers for the Garden

Just in case it takes me forevvvver to do a full post, I wanted to do a quick post on our new garden edging. First off…LOOK AT HOW BEAUTIFULLLL! (Click for bigger; I’m lazy tonight.)

brick edger

I will share more/better pics later on. Yes, that is still the storm door leaning against the front of the house from the termite debacle. (Sidenote: while placing the rocks during this project, I found termites under them…and I’m scared. They sprayed around the base of the house, so I’m not sure if I should be concerned that they’re a few feet out or not…?)

We decided on this kind of edging for a couple reasons:

  1. Our previous edger was a few inches thick flat row of recycled tire stuff, meant to look like a thick row of dark mulch around the edge. We have crabgrass and bermuda grass in the front yard, so no matter how hard we tried, it just grew right over and into the garden.
  2. Because the garden beds are sloped up a bit, it was hard to keep much in them, especially at the edges, since it tended to run off.
  3. I hate the scallop top bricks, but I think these look nice and allow for easy shaping without having to prepare in advance and know how many curved pieces etc you need. (The circle end just fits in the semicircle cutout of the previous brick, so you can curve as much as needed.)
  4. This would allow us to seamlessly integrate edging in the driveway side of the garden that was currently just bordered by the driveway’s blue chip rocks.

How did we do it?

  1. Pulled up the old tired edging, making sure to get all of the nasty rusted metal landscaping pins that held it down. This was kind of hard because of how much the grass had grown into it.
  2. Used our small Troy-Bilt tiller to rough up the area that needed the bricks. This allowed up to bury them a bit, and also break up some of the weedgrass that had crept into the garden beds.
  3. Buried the bricks in a bit (just so they’re stuck in the dirt and won’t move) and moved the soil back around them.

Next step? Mulch! Ugh the gardens (including the side garden) are SO in need of mulch. Bare dirt in many places, just begging for weeds to move in. The last time we mulched was actually in October 2011, when Ainsley was still in my belly! Crazy. So we’ll have to decide whether we want to get bags or truckloads, then get ‘er done in the next couple weeks. Since I planted the Nandina and moved some stuff around in the fall, I am happy with the placement of everything and don’t see myself moving anything in that garden this year, so it’s mulch time!

Check back later for some pics and a video of Will in action with the tiller. I am juuuust not feeling up to it tonight as I am scheduling this post. Anticipation, my friends! I also still have a lot of work to do in the raised beds. Of course it’s going to be gorgeous all this coming week here…until the weekend, when it will get chillier. Figures.

Also, just a reminder, do you like me on Facebook? Cuz I give sneak peeks on there all the time when I’m not feeling up to a whole full post.

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