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Lucy’s Canine Addison’s Disease Crisis

(Forgive me for all the puppy and kitty pics in the post. Once you read, you’ll know why they’re there. Also, ugh I posted all these pics in the wrong size, but you can click each one for bigger until I go back and fix it.)



We’ve had a rough few weeks here in the Jennah’s Garden household. A couple weeks back, a cold/sinus infection that I had been trying to ignore for quite some time turned into tonsilitis (probably Strep, but the ‘quick strep’ test was negative and the doc just gave me antibiotics for the obvious infection rather than wait for the longer test), complete with a fever, chills, puking, and 2 days off work (just when I was getting ahead with leave time!).

I finally got better, and then we noticed that Lucydog seemed to have a bladder infection. I took her to the doctor on my Friday off (after Ainsley’s well checkup – busy day!). It was confirmed that she had a UTI and also an ear infection. They drew blood, but waited to send it at my request since that would be another $200. They were concerned that she hadn’t been eating, but figured it may have been because she just didn’t feel good.



She got antibiotics and seemed a bit better, but still wasn’t eating. She was having tremors/shaking, but she tends to do that a lot when sick or stressed. I started to get concerned when she wouldn’t even eat a marrow bone, though. Thankfully, Will was off with her Monday and Tuesday, so he kept an eye on her.


Then we were both at work Wednesday. When I got home, I went in to let her out of her kennel to go potty…and she couldn’t stand up. Couldn’t even get her paws to cooperate to get them flat on the ground. I freaked and immediately went and got the phone, called Will and said “Lucy can’t walk.” I then called the vet, which thankfully had not closed yet (they would in 15 minutes) and they told me to bring her ASAP. In the meantime, I had put Ainsley in the living room and closed the gate – she was of course screaming because she wanted me. Poor Lucy, still with her UTI, had dragged herself out of her cage and peed on the floor (and herself).

Panicked, I put my stuff and a screaming Ainsley in the truck…then realized I had to somehow get a pee-covered 65lb dog who couldn’t walk outside, down the deck steps, and into the truck. Yeah. I considered asking the neighbors, who were outside mulching, for help. I called Will and luckily he was close by and able to leave work early. I brought A back inside into the living room and went and sat with Lucydog and tried to clean her up as best I could. I was shaking. I knew it was not good. When Will finally got home (longest 5 minutes ever). I hoped I would see Lucydog again alive, and that me and Ainsley would be taking our babywearing walks with her soon, but I wasn’t sure. Finally I went and got A and we got some snuggles in as I waited for news.



Will got home an hour and a half later or so, and they had been able to stabilize her. They thought it might be Addison’s disease, which was thankfully treatable. It presents in young dogs, is more common in females, and had lots of symptoms in common. Will still thought it may have just been severe dehydration. After 2 scary nights with her in doggie hospital because she still was not strong enough to walk, the blood test results confirmed Addison’s Disease. The UTI and ear infection pushed her body into crisis and she was probably close to death (what if I had been stuck at work for 45 minutes longer that day? omg). Thankfully, it is treatable with a monthly injection, one she will need for the rest of her life. But that life will be long and happy.


Just like when Ainsley is away and I’m home, I kept looking for Lucydog during the 2 days she was away. It’s crazy how much these pets become part of your family. Crazy, too, because Lucydog was snuck into the family by Will when I was away one weekend (true story). But Lucy, our first baby Alicecat, and the mischevuous Mr. Hank are as much a part of this family as Ainsley. I routinely freak out when I can’t find a cat, thinking they for sure have gotten out somehow and we’ll never see that little kittyface again. So I missed Lucydog when she was away. Even my mom, who is not the hugest fan of Lucy (only because she’s a little leery of dogs in general and Lucy lovestobeinyourfacebecauseshelovesyou), cried when she came over to drop Ainsley off the day Lucy came home from the vet. Pets’ll do that to you.



As soon as Ainsley saw her doggie buddy, she came over and petted her and snuggled her.



So, we still have a Lucy-lifetime to regulate her disease. But I am happy to report that as I type this, Lucy is loudly chomping a rawhide bone that I bought her in her cage right behind me. And other than a shaved paw where she had an IV and super-frequent peeing because of her recovery meds, she’s pretty much back to the same ol’ Lucydog. And we love it. I am very thankful that our vet gave her a quick and correct diagnosis and got her back on her feet (literally) quickly.



I will be ordering Lucy another collartag (she already has one with her name and our contact info, so she’ll now have 2 tags) with her medical information (“MEDICAL ALERT / Addison’s Disease / Medication Needed / vet info”) so that, should (pleaseno) she ever be lost, she would not be in danger because of lack of medication. I love, love, love Boomerang tags. Both of the cats have regular hang tags. Lucy used to have a hanging tag until it somehow got stuck in the TV stand doorknob and she ripped the door of the hinge – since then we have moved to collartags and it stays on her collar and is also very nice and quiet. Lucy wear the 1 inch one for an adjustable nylon collar. (They are not a sponsor, I just love their products and customer service!)


We also DID get some gardening done last week during all the craziness, so once I get myself together I should have some gardening posts coming up.


  1. MomNo Gravatar says:

    So glad Lucy is OK and I do love that doggy, just like Hank and Alice. She just had to grow on me. I love Ainsley Anna a wee bit more though! :)

    1. JennahNo Gravatar says:

      I know you love her :)

  2. Aunt DebNo Gravatar says:

    Oh my! I had tears in my eyes before I got to the end of the story because I was so afraid of where this might be leading. I know all about the love of our furry family. Even though I have not met Lucy yet, I have seen her in enough photos to love her, too. As much as I have always loved cats, I coudn’t imagine ever feeling remotely that kind of love with a dog, but it happens! I have loved my dogs, too, especially my beloved Scout. Boy, do I miss her! And of course Janie Joy does bring me so much Joy. She is so very jealous over Gavin, though. She loves him, but also wants my attention when they are together. Glad your story has a happy ending. Give Lucy a little hug from me. Bless her heart!! I am so sorry she had that really rough spell.

    1. JennahNo Gravatar says:

      It was very scary and we’re so happy she’s OK!

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