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jennahsgarden.comI started gardening when hubby and I purchased our home in 2007. The house came with 4 scraggly bushes planted way too close to the house and one dead mum. It needed improvement. So I called on the expertise of my mom – that learned from her mom (people used to bring my “Mom Mom” their houseplants for her to “fix them”) and her dad (a longtime tobacco and vegetable farmer who always had more than enough veggies to spare).

My method is trial and error, thus the name of the blog. And believe me, there’s been lots of error. But the internet has been my friend in that regard. I was amazed when I stumbled upon the garden blogging community (the first one I fell in love with was Our Little Acre!). I eventually gave up and joined in. This is a journal for my reference and a place to share my experiments. The garden blogging and twitter community is great, and it’s been fun to be a part of.

I am wife to a deputy sheriff and mom to two cats, Alice and Hank, and one hound dog mutt named Lucy. As of January 2012, I’m also mom to a beautiful little girl named Ainsley. I’m a cynic, but not a hateful one. Professionally, I have been an editor, writer, web designer, marketing-type, and social media person. But don’t judge me too harshly on the editing part (I reserve the right to judge you! ha). Mostly it’s just write, post, and go, and I’ll edit later on if I see something strange (or my husband does, and calls me out on it!. And though I fell into the web design thing at work, I’ve never had any training. Again, the internet has been my friend.

Gardening Specs: zone 7A in Southern Maryland. Just under 1 acre of land on a funky, triangle-shaped lot without any real backyard. So all my gardens (including food) are front and side-yard gardens. We have decent soil, but you have to work around big chunks of asphalt from when a previous owner backfilled the parking area and definitely did not use clean dirt (as in, we found doorjambs and gutters when we did some extensive yardwork. Yeah.).

Garden Writing Street Cred:

• Troy Bilt’s The Dirt newsletter – December 2012 – Preparing Transplants for Next Spring
• – August 2012 – Are your trees ready for a hurricane?
• – July 2012 – Lawncare tips to save the crabs
• – June 2012 – Better Tomato Staking
• Southern Maryland NewsNet – April 2012 – Reviving a Colonial Revival Garden
• A few more articles for The Dirt in 2011 that I need to find the links for :)
• Troy Bilt’s The Dirt newsletter – July 2010 – Raised Beds
• Troy Bilt’s The Dirt newsletter – June(?) 2009 – My First Garden
• Troy Bilt’s The Dirt newsletter – May 2011 – Strip Mall Gardening
If you’re interested in having me write for your publication, I’d love to hear more! Please contact me and we’ll talk.


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Me! Click to view my daily mugshot. Over a year of daily photos! I do these less often now, but it’s still fun to look back on!

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December 2012

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August 2012


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