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Below are some great affiliate links. I get emails from all of these places and browse the deals during my lunch break. Great for gifts and to keep you inspired! If you join, I would appreciate you doing so by clicking the link provided – I get a small account credit when you do.

Also, remember that you can support this blog by shopping Amazon through my site. You don’t have to buy something I’ve linked – anything you buy from there after clicking through my blog counts! There is an Amazon search box in my sidebar you can use, as well as one conveniently below:

You can also click on the targeted Google ads on the page sidebar. These will often show items you were recently looking at, via Google magic!

The Honest Company
Cute and eco-friendly diapers and wipes, as well as green cleaning products and beauty essentials. Read my review of the diapers and the family essentials.

If you do any online shopping at ALL, you need to use Ebates. Join, download the toolbar (I am totally anti-toolbar, but this one has SERIOUSLY saved me money), and click every time you shop online to see if there are ebates (or let the toolbar tell you automatically). You will be shocked at the number of stores that have it! Some places are only 2-3%, but some are 10% or more, and it adds up either way. Do it!

I love ThredUp! I’ve already told you about my experience buying stuff there. They’re a great way to buy and sell good-condition used kids clothes, which is great since they grow out of stuff so frigging fast. The prices are really reasonable and browsing is efficient.

They specialize in adorable items for kids and babies, but also carry lots of stuff for moms and great gift items. You can get lots of cool, fancy things from here that you normally wouldn’t spring the dough for. Note: Keep in mind that for several of the daily deals sites, it will be a while before your order comes in, because you have to wait for the sale to end, and then for the manufacturer to ship it to the sale site, and THEN for it to ship to you. This is true for Zulily and Totsy, and maybe some others.

Like Zulily, but they tend to have items that are not quite as ‘luxury’…which also gives them an even lower price point. I have gotten a bunch of things from here. One caveat: Several times, I have had issues with an item being no longer available after I ordered it. They really need to fix that problem with monitoring quantity during sales. They have refunded me the price of the item quickly and without incident, but it’s still annoying, and their customer service is sloooow.

This one will mostly focus on more high-end fashion, but also have home items and kid stuff.

This is Amazon’s spinoff deals site. Lots of high-end stuff for great prices.

This well-curated site focuses more on individual items that collections, and has some really cool stuff with a slight-hipster bent. Cool jewelry and art.

Luxury stuff here, but at pretty afforable prices. Great for purses (“bags,” if you’re fancy) and shoes.
Similar to Uncovet item-wise, but has collections rather than individual items. I find lots of cool gadgets and art on here.

A new addition for me, this one focuses on…well on Home Items!

One Kings Lane
Another, more established one for great home deals. Lots of high-end stuff for pretty affordable prices.

This is one of those fun little monthly clubs where you get a box of goodies in the mail each month. This one is based in luxury beauty products and makes a great gift. Unlike many, the monthly subscription is affordable, so it’s a fun little surprise for yourself or someone else. (You also get discounts to buy more stuff through their shop when you are a subscriber.)

Citrus LaneA monthly themed subscription box tailored for the age of your chosen child. Super fun!

The go-to if you need some cheap business cards or other printed items. Read about my dealings with them here.

My Etsy Store!
I sometimes have items up for sale via my Etsy store. This may include hair flowers I made, hand-stamped onesies, graphic art, or anything in between!

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