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Cubicle/Office decorating

As I’ve mentioned before, I recently started a new job. The current desk/office situation isn’t very conducive to decorating (I am the front desk in an office of 5, and I only have one “wall”…which is actually the wooden hutch of my desk). We’re supposed to be getting a new office sometime next year, so hopefully that’s better (more room for plants!). But I always used to get compliments on my cubicle at my last job. So here are some crappy cell phone pics and some quick tips. These pics are actually a mishmash of 2 different cubes at the […]

I think we’re having a drought.

(We are. Moderate-to-severe here in Southern MD.) Remember my pretty spreading perennial area?

Stake and Tie Those Tomatoes!

So this year, my main method of tomato support is the “stake and tie” method, which does NOT involve just tying tomatoes to a stake. Find out more about the method here. It’s going well so far! I currently have 2 rows of twine on all the tomatoes, but here are some pics form when I had one row. It takes a bit of weaving, but everything seems happy and well-supported so far. I’ll keep you updated, but I’m really liking the method so far! It keeps things supported and looking fairly neat and tidy (I have a front yard […]

Carrot Flowers

The other day I was perusing my blog and noticed that basically ALL the posts on the front page were baby posts and not garden posts. But…such is life I guess, right? Plus I have a damn cute baby, so don’t hold it against me. AAAAAANNNYYYYWAAAAYYY…. So last spring, I planted carrots. Some of them I harvested, but some I planted in a pot and for various reasons (PREGNANCY. MORNING SICKNESS. GENERAL LAZINESS.) I never harvested them. So rather than dumping them out in the fall (see previous reasons), I just kinda left them. I HAD been planning on pulling […]

Drought-Tolerant Succulent Container Gardening

Please view my very dorky blog video, starring me and Baby Jennah’s Garden. Some of my favorite succulents (annual perennial designations apply to my gardening zone of 7A. If you are in a tropical climate, all may be perennial): Ice Plant – Perennial – Creeping – This is one of my all-time favorites. It looks like it’s from another planet to me. It grows very close to the ground and makes a great little ground cover. The delicate flowers come in several shades of pinks and coral. These will also spill out of containers somewhat if potted up. If potting […]