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My Little Chicken

(and cow)

Wordless Wednesday – Mr. and Mrs. Goldfinch go on a date (OFTEN!)


You can have your snow back, now.

Oh! Shocking! More snow!! One of the benefits of living in Southern Maryland (or Maryland in general) is usually that we get snow every year, but it’s not a big huge deal. We’ll get a few dustings, some flurries, and maybe one or two “big” snows with 8-10 inches. The area freaks out, schools are closed, we all go play in the snow, then a couple days later it’s 40+ degrees and it’s all over. (Ice is usually a bigger problem here because of temp fluctuations and winter rain.) In March 2009, we got over a foot of snow. In […]

The evolution of a snowman

Well, the snow is gone. The pic at left was taken just as I got home from work on Friday. As soon as I was about to push the shutter button, the hat fell off! Talk about timing. Yesterday he was just a tiny snowball (pic in the gallery below), and today he’s totally gone, I’m sure. Yesterday was gorgeous, though. Unfortunately, I got some very unexpected very bad news about a friend of the family that made it a little less gorgeous. Still, I was able to get a lot done to attempt to take my mind off things […]

Backyard Living Magazine is no more :(

Just got my latest issue of Backyard Living mag, only to see its their last issue. Another casualty in the publishing world – I feel their pain. Today was the last day for a coworker I really like and have worked closely with who was given a bit before her layoff began. Very weird and very sad to see her go, especially since she’s been with the company longer than most. My subscription will be replaced with Birds & Blooms, which is fine with me. I’m becoming more interested in birds (and blooms?) so it’ll be fine. But I will […]