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The Gardener Who Once Lived There

…OK maybe that’s a little misleading. I still don’t know what gardener planted these daffodils many years ago, but I was able to snap a photo of them last week with my phone when I happened to be sitting at the stop light in the perfect spot. There are still a couple more spots like this that I have yet to photograph because they aren’t in a good stopping spot. This one might be one of my favorites, though, because I also love the stone steps.

A Gardener Once Lived Here

I have to admit something here. I hate the book The Secret Garden. Hated it. But I do love the idea of a secret garden. I’ve always been mildly obsessed with old, run-down houses, with thoughts of roaming the halls and trying to put together the story of who lived here, why the house was abandoned, and when. And I always notice the garden—or what’s left of it. In the spring, passing by these dilapidated old homes, you’ll often see a daffodil or two poking its head up in the front garden. Or maybe a whole grove of them. Yucca […]


The quintessential spring flower. [blogged via my Android.]

Bloom Day – March 2011

I totally missed last month, but this time I’m on the ball for Bloom Day. Plus there are actual blooms! I almost missed the crocuses completely, but they’ve now been uncovered from last year’s foliage and dead leaves. Plus I’ve got a darn good start on all my seed starting in the shed. It’s still fluctuating here between fall-ish weather and spring-ish weather, but we’re slowly moving more steadily to spring-ish.

What I've been doing/seeing this Spring

Lots of photos, a few words. Props to my hubby for the cute paths between the raised beds. The bamboo in this pic came from friends who have a ton of it growing behind their house. Bad for them, good for me! Very disappointed in my tulips this year. Only 4 from the 20 I planted in the fall came up (wtf?!). And all of them (those and my old ones) have only really lasted a day or two because it was hot when they bloomed. Lame. I need better tulips that will do better for me year after year. […]