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Happy Halloween! What am I?

Happy Halloween, all! I went to a couple parties last night and we had a costume contest at work (I don’t really dress up for work, so I went as a half-ass pirate) before the kids came to trick or treat there. Anyone care to hazard a guess as to what I went as last night? Big hint: I have a theme song and I’m not an effing unicorn. 5 points if you guess. So anyway – hubs was not able to par-tay with me last night as he is working all weekend. We don’t really get any trick or […]

Can I Can MY Salsa?

UPDATE: I bought a pressure canner (about $70) and pressure canned the salsa. Worked great! I’m so confused. I was all prepared to can this year so I could enjoy my tomato sauce and my salsa over the winter without having to take up freezer space. I figured I’d make it like normal, maybe add some lemon juice for acidity, then can them up as per normal. Now I’m reading that basically I should under no circumstances do that because the acidity won’t be known for sure unless I call in a scientist, and I might kill everyone who eats […]