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Lucy’s Canine Addison’s Disease Crisis

(Forgive me for all the puppy and kitty pics in the post. Once you read, you’ll know why they’re there. Also, ugh I posted all these pics in the wrong size, but you can click each one for bigger until I go back and fix it.) We’ve had a rough few weeks here in the Jennah’s Garden household. A couple weeks back, a cold/sinus infection that I had been trying to ignore for quite some time turned into tonsilitis (probably Strep, but the ‘quick strep’ test was negative and the doc just gave me antibiotics for the obvious infection rather […]

Burning House – What would you take?

A friend recently linked to this blog, where people from around the world take a photo of their most valuable possessions…what they’d take if they house was burning down. I took my own photo, but did not submit it bc it’s not NEARLY as artsy as theirs (I’d like to try and get an artsy one, but there are a lot of variables…I actually did it twice, forgetting some stuff the second time, and neither are great.). First, some background. Ever since we’ve had the cats, this has been something I’ve thought about. If some sort of horrible thing happened, […]

Baby Girl’s Vintage(ish) Garden Nursery

(I felt like I had to come up with one of those crazy theme names. The fabric has a vintage feel and there are flowers, sooo…? Will suggests “not very vintage, vintage nursery.”) It’s been quite a journey to turn the former “cat room” into a nursery fit for a baby girl. We’ve replaced all the flooring in the house this summer (well, except for the bathroom since we did that when we moved in), which means moving basically EVERYTHING in the house. Because, dude, EVERYTHING is on the floor somehow! And since we have a small house with no […]

6.5 Months…getting there!

And still SO much to do! Eek!

Wordless Wednesday – My Cat Is Not a Bunny

Or is she?