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Fall Cleanup! Finally!

Last weekend, I FINALLY got around to cleaning up the raised beds, moving the pots and other random assorted things from beside the shed, and doing a few other things on my (still not complete) fall cleanup list. When you don’t take summer vacation until after labor day, and then have all kinds of weddings and craziness after that, you tend to procrastinate on things like this (said Ms. Excuse Pants). Here are the “befores”. Yeesh. Not cute. As crappy as those tomato plants look, I am happy with the results of the ‘stake and tie’ method. I liked it […]

Party of Special Things to Do

Bonus points if you knew that title came from Captain Beefheart – or the awesome White Stripes cover. Anyway. There are all sorts of things I have to do to the garden this spring. I slacked a lot last year since I was very morning/all day sick during the spring, and very pregnant and lazy during the spring and fall. Heck, I didn’t even mulch until the October, and then only with the help of my parents. So here’s the start of a list for this year. (PS – OMG I’m blogging about the garden! Heck yes!) Prune the Crape […]

Growing potatoes in burlap bags

The potatoes are planted! Will mentioned at some point this summer that he wanted to grow potatoes this year. I told him to have at it and tossed him my Seed Savers’ Exchange catalog. He picked two kinds…that I will have to look up the names of and add to this post later. We got them at some point in February and let them stay in a cool spot in the kitchen in their box. When we took them out about 2 weeks ago, they were very sprouty. After a little more time sprouting, Will cut them up into sections […]

Finally finished the winter cleanup…

…about time, right? It had actually been fairly warm until the last week or so, so I felt OK putting it off. But it’s gotten downright frigid lately (there were even some snow flurries just south of us this weekend), so I figured I’d better get to it. After I put up the xmas lights on Saturday, I finally did all that was left: 1. Move all of the terra cotta pota. I know you’re not “supposed” to leave terra cotta pots out all winter, but I haven’t had one break yet. And all the ones I’m leaving out this […]

Wordless Wednesday – I do believe the mystery curcubit is a pumpkin, dear.

#wordlesswednesday [hint: search my blog for 'mystery curcubit' for more info on this saga.]