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Mystery Monday – "But I didn't save those seeds!" Edition

Last year the only veggie seeds I saved were for Peachy Mama peppers. We got these lots of times from the CSA I was a member of, and while I normally don’t like peppers except in salsa, I actually liked the sweet, fruity taste of these. Knowing I probably wouldn’t join the CSA this season, I saved a ton of Peachy Mama Pepper seeds. They’re an heirloom variety and really the only mention of them on the web I can find hooks them up to my former CSA. I’d save the tops with their seeds when I used them and […]

Pioneer Woman Cooks – review and recipe

A while back I won the Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook – very exciting! I don’t check the site all that often, but I am very familiar with the Pioneer Woman. She’s like a slightly less buttery, younger, and less annoying Paula Deen. All the recipes in the book look great, and none look that complicated. Photos are shown for every recipe and most every step of every recipe (husband: “Oh good! They show you how to cut carrots.”). The only gripe I have with the format is that they oddly decided to put the steps vertically instead of across the […]

Thanksgiving Leftovers = Sweet Potato Waffles

Yesterday we went to my aunt’s for Thanksgiving. Because I had a lot from the CSA, I brought sweet potato casserole and kale. My hubby made a shoofly pie and a maple pumpkin pie – both very good, but everyone was just totally stuffed by the time dessert came around, so I’ll be sharing them again tonight for a dinner with family friends at my parents’ house. Now enjoy some largely measurement-free recipes. Big Leaf Kale, Southern Style 1. Fill a giant pot with water. 2. Add twice-washed kale. 3. Add bacon. Best if you fry it up first. Feel […]

Winter CSA

On Thursday I picked up the first box of our winter CSA membership. This one was more expensive since it runs from November to approximately March, but my friend and I decided to try it out for a year to see how it’ll work out. So far, so good! – Peach Mama Peppers – Haven’t tried any yet, but they’re beautiful! The pic makes them look orange, but they actually are a gorgeous peach color. – Kale – I love kale, and I’m going to try kale chips at some point next week. I think I’m going to have to […]

More CSA and Questions for Fall

I should really get out and take some pics of some flowers, eh? The first of the tiny mums I got on clearance last year for 50ยข each have started to bloom already, and I’m thinking about killing my hanging baskets, which never really looked great this year (they’re the same I did last year and I was very happy with them then. Annoyed about that). So it seems that fall is upon us. But since I still have one more beach vacation left in a couple weeks, it’s not over for me yet, dammit. The CSA theme lately has […]