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Garden revamp – adding some much-needed height!

I always wish that I had committed to a better evergreen/shrub base in the front of the house. As much as I love the daylilies, they don’t give me anything to look at in the winter, can look pretty rough in the summer when it’s hot and dry (like this past summer), and do require some cleanup to stay decent looking (pulling up the dead, brown leaves and pulling out the spent stems). I went with daylilies because I wanted to be different, but I now understand the value of shrubs in a landscape area like that. They fill up […]

Fall Cleanup! Finally!

Last weekend, I FINALLY got around to cleaning up the raised beds, moving the pots and other random assorted things from beside the shed, and doing a few other things on my (still not complete) fall cleanup list. When you don’t take summer vacation until after labor day, and then have all kinds of weddings and craziness after that, you tend to procrastinate on things like this (said Ms. Excuse Pants). Here are the “befores”. Yeesh. Not cute. As crappy as those tomato plants look, I am happy with the results of the ‘stake and tie’ method. I liked it […]

Help my garden of shame

So. This is the much-maligned old veggie garden. My original plan was to put some perennial veggies and herbs here (asparagus, rhubarb, etc). But that has yet to happen, and so this are just keeps getting uglier and uglier. There are some perennial herbs: rosemary (infested with weed grass), lemon verbena, sage, and sweet annie. There is also a gaura that I moved when it no longer fit in its old location (and alllllmost killed in the process. I think it may pull through, but we’ll see). I really need to do something with this area to make it less […]

Wordless Wednesday – Leaf in Snow

(Taken by my husband on 12/13/2010. I love how the snow looks like salt.)

Autumn Garden Wallpaper

I’ve been taking my MacBook to work lately because I’ve been working on some websites locally that I started working on from home (working from home occasionally is glorious – must take advantage more often), so it’s been handy to have my laptop at work in case I forgot to move a file or two to my work computer. I needed to clear my head for a minute the other day, and at the time both of my wallpapers (laptop and work comp) were slightly different beach scenes from our trip to the Outer Banks in September. I liked one […]