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Stained Glass Windows

Quite a while back, my Aunt Debra (a frequent blog commenter!) sent me an email to say that her church in North Carolina was getting new stained glass windows…and getting rid of their old ones! Naturally, church members got first pick, but I guess there were plenty of leftovers, so she wanted to know if I wanted one. Heck yes! (Cool story – the one she got is the window that was at the end of the pew they always sit at, the same window that her husband had once broken as a child!) Of course they were big and […]

Autumn Garden Wallpaper

I’ve been taking my MacBook to work lately because I’ve been working on some websites locally that I started working on from home (working from home occasionally is glorious – must take advantage more often), so it’s been handy to have my laptop at work in case I forgot to move a file or two to my work computer. I needed to clear my head for a minute the other day, and at the time both of my wallpapers (laptop and work comp) were slightly different beach scenes from our trip to the Outer Banks in September. I liked one […]

How to Make a Succulent Wreath

I have a pot of reddish hens and chicks I really love. They’re in a metal pot (with holes drilled) that was one of the centerpieces with potted flowers at my wedding. I have to separate it out every year because as hens and chicks do, they multiply. I’ve wanted to make a succulent wreath for a while, so I got the supplies today and just made one in about 45 minutes! (And it wasn’t very messy – I did it still wearing my white shirt from work!) What you need: -a few kinds of succulents. I used hens and […]

My Containers This Season

Here they are! We’ll have to compare this to how they look as they fill out. I tried something new this year: I always line the bottoms of my pots with some old landscaping fabric to help keep soil and moisture in. This year I also lined the terra cotta pots (since they dry out faster) with an old plastic bag with holes cut in the bottom. I tucked down the sides so it’s hidden. Hopefully it’ll help retain moisture. We’ll see! I am also trying to be more like my mom (I always like her pots) and just toss […]

Cheap, fun garden markers

The raised beds are ready, but still waiting for the 50/50 topsoil compost mix (hopefully it is being delivered as you read this, as long as the rain has held off). When marking things out for the raised beds, hubby bought some packs of those cheap stakes. Now that he’s done with them, I decided to use the for a *PROJECT!* while the seedlings were out for some sun last weekend. Last year I used one of those omnipresent “40% Off One Regular Price Item” coupons from Michael’s Arts & Crafts to get a woodburning/leather etching/etc tool (just like this […]