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I love this house, but I hate it.

Allow me to complain for a bit. So I’ve been thinking this post in my head for a while, and then something happened. A blog I follow, Young House Love, revealed that they’d bought a new house. Ever since they moved into their current one about 3 years ago, I’ve been following along, jealous at all the things they are doing to it to make it their own and awesome and wonderful. Jealous because Sherri doesn’t have to bug John about changing the wall color again, because changing the wall color is LITERALLY their job and what they get paid […]

Signs of Spring

I’ve been feeling a bit…overwhelmed? Here lately. I had a sinus infection that I let progress into a bad case of tonsilitis (probably strep they said, but I wasn’t waiting for the long test’s confirmation and the quick test came back negative), including a nice fever, chills, and general horribleness. Meaning I had to take 2 days off work that I have been desperately squirreling away since we are taking TWO glorious summer weeklong vacations this year (one with friends and one with family). So I’ve been feeling not great lately. And Will has had a ton of training lately […]

Brick Edgers for the Garden

Just in case it takes me forevvvver to do a full post, I wanted to do a quick post on our new garden edging. First off…LOOK AT HOW BEAUTIFULLLL! (Click for bigger; I’m lazy tonight.) I will share more/better pics later on. Yes, that is still the storm door leaning against the front of the house from the termite debacle. (Sidenote: while placing the rocks during this project, I found termites under them…and I’m scared. They sprayed around the base of the house, so I’m not sure if I should be concerned that they’re a few feet out or not…?) […]

How to fix leggy seedlings

I am starting my seedlings this year under some office lights, in a storage bin, in front of a window, on top of the dog kennel. They get pretty good light, but some still get a bit leggy. And while eventually they’re just too leggy and it’s difficult, it IS easy to fix legginess in some seedlings, like tomatoes. This little guy qualifies as a bit too leggy for my liking. (Yes, I should also snap off one of those plants to avoid crowding…) See, tomatoes are actually sort of a vine. If you’ve ever had a butt-ton of cherry […]

Stop Crape Murder

It’s crape murder season! I’ve discussed the problem of crape murder before, and discussed how I prune my row of crape myrtles in front of my house. I know most people do it because they don’t know any better and see others doing it. And the trees DO usually look fine in the summer (though a little “truffula tree” to me). But do you want your trees to look like this all winter? (You may want to avert your eyes.) No? Didn’t think so. And if you don’t have those nubs yet, then you either have to cut off the […]