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What I've been doing/seeing this Spring

Lots of photos, a few words. Props to my hubby for the cute paths between the raised beds. The bamboo in this pic came from friends who have a ton of it growing behind their house. Bad for them, good for me! Very disappointed in my tulips this year. Only 4 from the 20 I planted in the fall came up (wtf?!). And all of them (those and my old ones) have only really lasted a day or two because it was hot when they bloomed. Lame. I need better tulips that will do better for me year after year. […]

to be a cat…

Took these of Hank and Alice over the weekend. They do love an open window! They are looking out over the driveway/parking area to the “side garden,” the end of which (that you can see) is the old veggie garden. Right under the window they’re sitting at is the triangle garden. That doodad in the window is a super cute solar-powered rainbow-maker (that I love). …let’s zoom in on Hank in that last one… FEBRUARY 19: St. Joseph’s Day – Children born today are especially lucky. If the weather is fair, it will be a good year for gardening.

Bloom Day – February 2010

Thanks to twitter, I was reminded that it’s bloom day! And thanks to my hubby, I have a bloom. Inside. Because the outside it still soggy and covered with snow. There may be a pansy bloom or two under there, but I’m not trudging through the snow to check. When he went to Lowe’s to buy stuff to hang my lights in the seed shelf, he picked me up two plants. That phalaenopsis orchid is my second. He also got me one year before last that is still alive, but I haven’t gotten it to bloom again. I think I […]

The Great House Plant Census of 2010

Apparently there is a house plant census going on, which is nice because it gives me something else to think about besides the 18 or so inches of snow outside. ugh. Now I have a small house – while we have almost an acre outside, the inside is less than 1,000 square feet. It’s…cozy. We’ll go with cozy. And I have a lot of plants inside! You never realize how many until you actually go and count. All of my plants have to be in high places since I have 2 cats. I don’t want them to eat the plants […]

Snow pictures!

It’s the first day of spring for gardeners according to my almanac (see end of post). What better time to post snow pics from the weekend? Seriously weathermen – if it’s going to snow 10 inches, tell us that. We’re totally not prepared when you say we’ll maaaaaybe get 3 or 4, if that. Thanks, guys. Here are some pics from the snow on Saturday, 1/30/2010. (PS – Please say twenty-ten.) First of all, yes I did make a snowman/pile. So let’s just get that awesomeness out of the way. (I had a scarf prepared, but he has no neck […]