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Cubicle/Office decorating

As I’ve mentioned before, I recently started a new job. The current desk/office situation isn’t very conducive to decorating (I am the front desk in an office of 5, and I only have one “wall”…which is actually the wooden hutch of my desk). We’re supposed to be getting a new office sometime next year, so hopefully that’s better (more room for plants!). But I always used to get compliments on my cubicle at my last job. So here are some crappy cell phone pics and some quick tips. These pics are actually a mishmash of 2 different cubes at the […]

Bloom Day – January 2011

My Christmas(?) cactus is a little late to the game, but that means I have blooms for Bloom Day today! I also got the dracaeneas beside it at Lowe’s the other day off the ‘rescue plant’ rack while picking up paint samples. They were $2.50 a piece and each one had two plants in it, and I’ve been eyeing both of those colors up for quite a while (one is sort of lemon lime and the other is stripey). And now seems as good a time as any for a House Plant Census, right? Especially since I just did some […]

Bloom Day – November 2010

It’s absolutely freezing here! And I have not yet emptied the rain barrel, so it’s probably a big block of ice. It’s not that unusual for it to get this cold here (low 20°Fs), but it IS unusual for it to happen this early. Usually it’s not this chilly until late January. brr. To all you people who badmouth cats because “they poop in your house” and “you have to scoop the poop,” I tell you several things things: 1) They poop IN YOUR HOUSE. You NEVER have to take them outside when it “feels like 7°F”. In fact, if […]

When to Up-Pot a Dracaena

I got this dracaena as a little tiny baby from IKEA my senior year of college (so 2004-05). I potted it up and kept it in my basement window, then it came home with me. When I got my current job in late 2005 after graduation, it was one of the first plants that came to my cubicle with me. It was happy. Now, 5 years later, it’s grown a ton! I repotted it about 3 years ago from the small IKEA pot into the gorgeous red pot that I just love. Last year at some point I took it […]

Wordless Wednesday – Revamping the cubicle plants!

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