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Brick Edgers for the Garden

Just in case it takes me forevvvver to do a full post, I wanted to do a quick post on our new garden edging. First off…LOOK AT HOW BEAUTIFULLLL! (Click for bigger; I’m lazy tonight.) I will share more/better pics later on. Yes, that is still the storm door leaning against the front of the house from the termite debacle. (Sidenote: while placing the rocks during this project, I found termites under them…and I’m scared. They sprayed around the base of the house, so I’m not sure if I should be concerned that they’re a few feet out or not…?) […]

A Husband Review: Troy-Bilt Horse XP Riding Mower + GIVEAWAY!

NOTE: I have had this post in my back pocket FOREVER because I wanted to add a little action video of the product in use. But with the severe lack of rain, Will has only cut the grass a couple times in the past couple months, both times when I was at work. So…lawnmower video eventually? I want to do an obstacle course and stuff! He will grumble, but FUN, right?! We did a little lawnmower trading this year. We passed down our 3 year old Craftsman to my parents (perfect timing, since my parents’ house is on a hill […]

Garden Foes: I Hate Locust Trees

On one side of our yard is a small, woodsy, naturalized area. There used to be a larger area like this in the back yard, but we increased our usable acreage after we moved in by clearing out all that brush and flattening out the ground there. And because of that, we have these lovely remnants. Do you see them? Do you see those evil things? Here, let me help. See them now? Locust trees. Black locust, I think. Doesn’t the name even sound gross? ick. During the spring, they do have pretty flowers. And then the flowers die off […]

Are Your Trees Ready for a Hurricane?

September = hurricane season. Are your trees ready? Some basic yearly care can save your trees, house, cars, and electricity. Check out the basics in my Southern Maryland News Net article. Here are some more tips and links to useful information/sources. TIPS: When planing near power lines, first check the maximum height of the tree for our area (zone 7A = Southern MD). Make sure the tree will be at least 5-10 feet shorter than the power line. Research suggests that trees often die as a result of stresses that occurred years, sometimes decades, before tree death. So prune the […]

Lawncare tips to save the crabs

Head on over to SMNewsnet for some crab and bay-friendly lawncare tips. And even if you don’t live near the water, these tips will help you have a healthier, happier lawn while making Mother Earth happy with you. Also, if you’re not a fan yet, remember to LIKE me on Facebook!