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Help my garden of shame

So. This is the much-maligned old veggie garden. My original plan was to put some perennial veggies and herbs here (asparagus, rhubarb, etc). But that has yet to happen, and so this are just keeps getting uglier and uglier. There are some perennial herbs: rosemary (infested with weed grass), lemon verbena, sage, and sweet annie. There is also a gaura that I moved when it no longer fit in its old location (and alllllmost killed in the process. I think it may pull through, but we’ll see). I really need to do something with this area to make it less […]

Why I have a “garden blog” even though I’m not that super awesome at gardening.

Sometimes I wonder what right I have to call myself a Garden Blogger (capital letters and all). Though really now I guess I am probably a Mommy Blogger (ew) who has a garden. But in any case, I blog about my garden. And as we speak, I have 2 dead evergreens sitting on my front stoop. One of them also has a healthy crop of weed clover growing in it. My dianthus/carnations have been overtaken by Bermuda Grass (omg how I hate that stuff), and I may have to dig them up altogether, lest I end up with a whole […]

I think we’re having a drought.

(We are. Moderate-to-severe here in Southern MD.) Remember my pretty spreading perennial area?

Wordless Wednesday – coneflower and spreading perennial area


Pruning the Crape Myrtles

(And yes, it is “crape” and not “crepe,” like I thought it was for years.) I’ve been sitting on this post for a while, because I took pics but have been to lazy to write it up. Oops. So about a month or so ago, it was time to prune the crape myrtles. And no, don’t worry, I don’t mean Crape Murder. That is horrific. Please don’t do it. I won’t even post a picture here of it; too horrifying. So what *I* mean by pruning my Crape Myrtles is not hacking off the tops because I want to keep […]