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Making Your Own Laundry Soap for a Year in 20 Minutes for Under $50

…and 15 minutes of that is just grating a bar of soap. I’ve been using this homemade laundry detergent recipe from Raising Colorado for a year and I love it. I even use it on A’s cloth diapers now and it works great. I actually had everything set up and was going to show you how fast it was to make via video. I was going to try to make it EVEN faster by using my blender to break up the soap bc someone had recommended using a food processor. Well, newsflash, blenders are not the same and it was […]

How to fix leggy seedlings

I am starting my seedlings this year under some office lights, in a storage bin, in front of a window, on top of the dog kennel. They get pretty good light, but some still get a bit leggy. And while eventually they’re just too leggy and it’s difficult, it IS easy to fix legginess in some seedlings, like tomatoes. This little guy qualifies as a bit too leggy for my liking. (Yes, I should also snap off one of those plants to avoid crowding…) See, tomatoes are actually sort of a vine. If you’ve ever had a butt-ton of cherry […]

Cleaning the INSIDE of fleece-lined shoes or slippers

Will got me some Minnetonka slippers for Christmas – a considerable upgrade from the cheap-o WalMart pair of moccasins I had been wearing. So much more comfy! I’ve actually almost accidentally left the house with them on several times (don’t teenage girls just wear them out, anyway?). And since my feet are always cold, I am wearing these 95.7% of the time I am in the house. And somehow, even though I don’t run through the dirt before I put them on, even though often I put them on fresh out of the shower with clean tootsies, the insides get […]

Refashion a dress into a peplum top + wide flare pants into work skinnies

OK, that’s a long title. But anyway. I mentioned that I did this on my Facebook page, and people said they’d be interested in a tutorial. So here it is. First, please excuse the awful pics. I had to totally blow out the exposure in some so you could see. Reason? Will took them. One set while laying in bed, the other set while laying on the counh, so the angle is TOTALLY flattering. He just looks at me like I’m retarded when I ask him to take the pic, semi-aims (“are your feet supposed to be in it?”), and […]

Pinterest Challenge…FAIL? – Sharpie Tie Die

Heyyyy, way to post a bajillion posts in a row, Jennah! I know I know. But things just keep HAPPENING! Right? So anyway. I read Young House Love pretty much daily and am really getting into it with Bower Power. I have done the Pinterest Challenge before (No Sew Pillowcase and Onesie Dress), so here I am again. I scoured my pinboards for something that I thought I could get done in a timely fashion and came up with nadaaa. In the end, I ended up finding a bunch of tutorials for Sharpie tie dye and decided to try that […]