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How to fix leggy seedlings

I am starting my seedlings this year under some office lights, in a storage bin, in front of a window, on top of the dog kennel. They get pretty good light, but some still get a bit leggy. And while eventually they’re just too leggy and it’s difficult, it IS easy to fix legginess in some seedlings, like tomatoes. This little guy qualifies as a bit too leggy for my liking. (Yes, I should also snap off one of those plants to avoid crowding…) See, tomatoes are actually sort of a vine. If you’ve ever had a butt-ton of cherry […]

Cubicle/Office decorating

As I’ve mentioned before, I recently started a new job. The current desk/office situation isn’t very conducive to decorating (I am the front desk in an office of 5, and I only have one “wall”…which is actually the wooden hutch of my desk). We’re supposed to be getting a new office sometime next year, so hopefully that’s better (more room for plants!). But I always used to get compliments on my cubicle at my last job. So here are some crappy cell phone pics and some quick tips. These pics are actually a mishmash of 2 different cubes at the […]

Carrot Flowers

The other day I was perusing my blog and noticed that basically ALL the posts on the front page were baby posts and not garden posts. But…such is life I guess, right? Plus I have a damn cute baby, so don’t hold it against me. AAAAAANNNYYYYWAAAAYYY…. So last spring, I planted carrots. Some of them I harvested, but some I planted in a pot and for various reasons (PREGNANCY. MORNING SICKNESS. GENERAL LAZINESS.) I never harvested them. So rather than dumping them out in the fall (see previous reasons), I just kinda left them. I HAD been planning on pulling […]

Bloom Day – May 2010

We’re on our way to Hatteras Island, NC as this Bloom Day is posting. I snapped a few pics today (Friday) before packing up and future posted this for bloom day. Just a taste of what’s blooming in the garden. I didn’t get any shots of the bean blooms or lots of other things. And my camera is still doing the weird thing where it flips the image the wrong way, so these aren’t as great as I want them to be. Might be time for a new camera

My Containers This Season

Here they are! We’ll have to compare this to how they look as they fill out. I tried something new this year: I always line the bottoms of my pots with some old landscaping fabric to help keep soil and moisture in. This year I also lined the terra cotta pots (since they dry out faster) with an old plastic bag with holes cut in the bottom. I tucked down the sides so it’s hidden. Hopefully it’ll help retain moisture. We’ll see! I am also trying to be more like my mom (I always like her pots) and just toss […]