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An update on that whole depression thing…

Recently, I shared a blog post that I wrote over a year ago on the subject of depression. Both when I shared it when it was first written and when I just recently shared it, I got an outpouring of support, affection, and “me too’s” both publicly and privately that make me so, so glad I wrote it. (Maybe I just have really depressing friends?! Kidding.) So many people suffer silently, and deny what they are dealing with because it’s not completely debilitating. Because their life is pretty OK, so they surely can/should not be depressed. Because they aren’t sad […]

Citrus Lane Baby Gift Boxes – a review and gift/discount codes

So a while back, Citrus Lane asked me if I’d like to check out one of their baby gift boxes to review. I am all about the monthly subscription boxes (I gifted a couple BirchBox subscriptions for Christmas). I think it’s a great gift for someone that literally does “keep on giving,” and is pretty fun for the recipient. It’s also a fun gift to get for yourself (or older kids) to keep some fresh toys or whatever coming into the house if you don’t necessarily have time to think about it. First off, here are some join/discount codes for […]

Shop with Me! Zulily Window Shopping Trip

You may have noticed a new tab up by where you click to view Ainsley’s weeklies. This tab leads to a page of affiliate links for companies I use where I get a little credit if you use my link to buy or join. I also have a few on the sidebar of the main page (any time you shop Amazon, if you just click to get there via my site, I get credit! Even if you don’t buy something I specifically link or mention!), but this is where all of them live. If you have a minute to check […]

Project Be Jel Update

Here’s an update on my little “get skinnier” project. It’s now about 9 months post-baby and I am back down to a bit less than pre-preg weight (I was a bit heavier than I’d prefer pre-preg). I’m a bit more jiggly, but that comes with the territory. I stuck with the situps pretty good for a while, then faded out. So now I just have dance, walks while babywearing a 20lb baby, and not eating food because there are more important things to get done when the happy is happy and/or napping. So I’m really pretty happy with where I […]

6+ Months of Breastfeeding – a synopsis

I’m done breastfeeding now. Good timing, since I am starting a new job and that’s one less thing I have to deal with. There certainly are enough people sharing their bfing experiences online, but I wanted to share mine as well. Just like with the birth story (Ainsley’s here), I ate this stuff up when I was pregnant, so I may as well add my story to the billions out there. I was kind of surprised by the lack of help in the hospital. They asked if I would be breastfeeding at some point, then after she was born we […]