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Garden Tour: Colonial Revival Gardens at Sotterley Plantation

First, start here (yeah, I’m now a columnist at Southern Maryland NewsNet! w00t) to read about the very interesting history of Sotterley‘s gardens and Garden Guild (the gardens had to be saved from the brink, and there are some very old plants there). And now, a somewhat rambling post about a bunch of stuff I couldn’t fit into that article… I’ve lived near the gardens for a while now, and there were lots of questions I had. When did it start? Why are those plants there? What’s with the sun dial? Garden Guilder Daphne McGuire was kind enough to show […]

Why I need to move my spirea…

So when I bought these when I moved in, I thought it was a “plant” and not a “bush.” Live, learn, etc. I prune them pretty heavily throughout the year, and though they do bloom most of the year (pink blooms), I’m just not that crazy about them. And they’re getting huge despite trimming. And they are covering up the shrubs I DO like – the wiegela that was in front of the house (planted waaaay too close to the house) when we moved in, that I thought I DIDN’T like so I gave a bunch of it away. Again, […]

Why Plant Exchanges Are Awesome

This past Saturday my mom and I went to one plant sale/exchange and another plant sale. Both at local historical plantation/mansions (one right down the street from me!). I had been planning to participate this year, so I started extra veggies ans divided some perennials. Some of the perennials I gave to a friend who just bought a new house and is working on “curb appeal,” but some I kept for the exchange. For the friend: 3 daylilies bee balm hosta black-eyed susan mini hollyhock also some tomatoes and a pepper from the exchange (I got 6-packs) What I took […]

Bloom Day – February 2010

Thanks to twitter, I was reminded that it’s bloom day! And thanks to my hubby, I have a bloom. Inside. Because the outside it still soggy and covered with snow. There may be a pansy bloom or two under there, but I’m not trudging through the snow to check. When he went to Lowe’s to buy stuff to hang my lights in the seed shelf, he picked me up two plants. That phalaenopsis orchid is my second. He also got me one year before last that is still alive, but I haven’t gotten it to bloom again. I think I […]

The Great House Plant Census of 2010

Apparently there is a house plant census going on, which is nice because it gives me something else to think about besides the 18 or so inches of snow outside. ugh. Now I have a small house – while we have almost an acre outside, the inside is less than 1,000 square feet. It’s…cozy. We’ll go with cozy. And I have a lot of plants inside! You never realize how many until you actually go and count. All of my plants have to be in high places since I have 2 cats. I don’t want them to eat the plants […]