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How Did My Tomatoes Fare in the Storm?

Tomatoes, shomatoes. Before we get to that…I actually missed last weekend’s storm because I was out of town visiting family in NC, welcoming a brand new baby cousin. It’s hard to believe that all of us now have babies of our own. We had a great time during the visit, and Ainsley got to meet a lot of her NC family for the first time. Poor thing’s got cousins all over the place! I was traveling to NC on Friday night when the storm hit. We had no major damage at our house (and didn’t even lose power). But we […]

Stake and Tie Those Tomatoes!

So this year, my main method of tomato support is the “stake and tie” method, which does NOT involve just tying tomatoes to a stake. Find out more about the method here. It’s going well so far! I currently have 2 rows of twine on all the tomatoes, but here are some pics form when I had one row. It takes a bit of weaving, but everything seems happy and well-supported so far. I’ll keep you updated, but I’m really liking the method so far! It keeps things supported and looking fairly neat and tidy (I have a front yard […]

smnewsnet: Better Tomato Staking

I have a new column posted on Southern Maryland news net, outlining several tomato staking methods that are WAY better than those $2 cages. Click to read and follow along here with how this year’s method pans out. Also, $1 drafts at ABC Lounge is a damn good deal, folks.  

Party of Special Things to Do

Bonus points if you knew that title came from Captain Beefheart – or the awesome White Stripes cover. Anyway. There are all sorts of things I have to do to the garden this spring. I slacked a lot last year since I was very morning/all day sick during the spring, and very pregnant and lazy during the spring and fall. Heck, I didn’t even mulch until the October, and then only with the help of my parents. So here’s the start of a list for this year. (PS – OMG I’m blogging about the garden! Heck yes!) Prune the Crape […]

Bad Blogger

I’ve been such a bad blogger lately. I missed yet another bloom day. I still have a crapton of #saturdaysix posts to write. But we’ll just say it’s been a very busy spring/early summer. Things I HAVE done: Danced in my dance recital. 2 videos are below…still waiting on the tap video. Not near what I was when I was 17, but not too bad for an old lady, eh? Cleaned up the spring veggies from the garden. Honestly, in Southern Maryland, I may not even grow spring veggies any more. It goes from winter to summer in a flash, […]