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An update on that whole depression thing…

Recently, I shared a blog post that I wrote over a year ago on the subject of depression. Both when I shared it when it was first written and when I just recently shared it, I got an outpouring of support, affection, and “me too’s” both publicly and privately that make me so, so glad I wrote it. (Maybe I just have really depressing friends?! Kidding.) So many people suffer silently, and deny what they are dealing with because it’s not completely debilitating. Because their life is pretty OK, so they surely can/should not be depressed. Because they aren’t sad […]

Making Your Own Laundry Soap for a Year in 20 Minutes for Under $50

…and 15 minutes of that is just grating a bar of soap. I’ve been using this homemade laundry detergent recipe from Raising Colorado for a year and I love it. I even use it on A’s cloth diapers now and it works great. I actually had everything set up and was going to show you how fast it was to make via video. I was going to try to make it EVEN faster by using my blender to break up the soap bc someone had recommended using a food processor. Well, newsflash, blenders are not the same and it was […]

My Laser Hair Removal Experience

If you are familiar with my “how to not buy razorblades very often at all” post, you know that I have to shave a lot. My leg hair just likes to grow. Fast. It sucks. So if I don’t want to feel like a disgusting pricklmonster, I have to shave every day. Even if I’m deathly ill and it’s winter, I still very rarely go more than a couple days because I start to feel not human. So ever since I heard of laser hair removal, that’s been a pipe dream of mine. I’ve been stalking Groupon ever since I […]

Pinterest Challenge…FAIL? – Sharpie Tie Die

Heyyyy, way to post a bajillion posts in a row, Jennah! I know I know. But things just keep HAPPENING! Right? So anyway. I read Young House Love pretty much daily and am really getting into it with Bower Power. I have done the Pinterest Challenge before (No Sew Pillowcase and Onesie Dress), so here I am again. I scoured my pinboards for something that I thought I could get done in a timely fashion and came up with nadaaa. In the end, I ended up finding a bunch of tutorials for Sharpie tie dye and decided to try that […]

Completely Unofficial Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge

I recently went thrifting at our local farmer’s market again, and although it was BEFORE Young House Love posted the (Completely Unofficial) Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge post, it fit right in, so I decided to share my goods, despite it being a bit after the fact. And then I did another thrifting visit after that, so you get to see what I got with my $20 twice! YOU are pretty lucky. (Please excuse all the crappy cell pics in this post.) First of all, I gotta say I am out of the loop with this song. I don’t have satellite […]