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A Husband Review: Troy-Bilt Horse XP Riding Mower + GIVEAWAY!

NOTE: I have had this post in my back pocket FOREVER because I wanted to add a little action video of the product in use. But with the severe lack of rain, Will has only cut the grass a couple times in the past couple months, both times when I was at work. So…lawnmower video eventually? I want to do an obstacle course and stuff! He will grumble, but FUN, right?! We did a little lawnmower trading this year. We passed down our 3 year old Craftsman to my parents (perfect timing, since my parents’ house is on a hill […]

Baby Stuff Review: The First Years Sure Comfort Newborn to Toddler Tub

New segment…BABY STUFF REVIEWS!! I know you’re excited. But hey – I am a review addict, so maybe this will help someone. GET READY FOR A RIVETING VIDEO. Anyway – baby baths. We didn’t even give Ainsley a bath until she was like 3 weeks old. I mean…she didn’t even poop for the first 5 days she was home (true story) and still is currently an every-other-day-ish pooper. So now we usually do once a week-ish baths, with maybe a mid-week hair washing with some Selsun Blue (doc recommended) for her cradle cap. We at first were using the LeachCo […]

More Saturday Sixing

…don’t be disgusting. It’s not that. It’s a garden blogger thing! Last year I was chosen to be a part of Troy-Bilt’s Saturday Six program, and this year they decided to keep the same group together! Which is pretty cool since I’m all internet friendly with the group now, since we actually got to meet in person (can we say “out of Jennah’s comfort zone but ended up fun”?). So yet again, I’ll be putting together some tip videos (maybe one that features Ainsley OUT of my belly!…though she’s not much help in the garden), doing some reviews, and giving […]

TB144 Cultivator/Edger Review (and contest!)

When my parents came over recently to help my pregnant self mulch and clean up the garden for the winter, we broke out the Troy-Bilt TB144 edger/cultivator for a test run. Below is a video of my 60+ year old dad (who just happened to have a bum knee that weekend) easily using the edger all the way around my main garden area. I would have had a parent video ME using it, but I was not allowed to do much manual labor because of my “delicate condition.” I asked him what he thought of it after using it and […]

Troy-Bilt Saturday6 Event: Day 1 at Troy-Bilt (Part 2)

Continuing with my story of my Saturday6 fun… Getting to see the design and marketing area of Troy-Bilt was really cool for me. It felt familiar and like someplace that would be really awesome to work. That feeling was only confirmed when we saw the rest of the building – where all of the prototypes that are designed out front are made and tested. The first thing that happens when a new part is designed is it’s printed via the 3D printer. A very cool contraption. It basically prints in layers of plastic! There are also lots of other people […]