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Refashion a dress into a peplum top + wide flare pants into work skinnies

OK, that’s a long title. But anyway. I mentioned that I did this on my Facebook page, and people said they’d be interested in a tutorial. So here it is. First, please excuse the awful pics. I had to totally blow out the exposure in some so you could see. Reason? Will took them. One set while laying in bed, the other set while laying on the counh, so the angle is TOTALLY flattering. He just looks at me like I’m retarded when I ask him to take the pic, semi-aims (“are your feet supposed to be in it?”), and […]

5 Minute Refashion – Too-small Onesie into Ruffled Tee

I was given a bag of baby clothes by a friend’s coworker’s friend. Yeah…I only know the friend and not the other two, which is kinda weird. But hey – baby clothes! I’ll take them. And they even should be size/season appropriate for Miss A. There was one onesie that was a bit small, though at “up to 3 months” size (she is still wearing some 3 month onesies at 4 months, but some are getting snug). It was a cute onesie, though, especially since it said “I

No sew DIY blackout drapes

We’ve had blackout drapes in the past. Will used to work the midnight shift once every few weeks, so they were kind of a necessity. Our bedroom has an east window, so it’s like the sun is actually in your room every morning. This is actually great for me, since I’m a sunshine waker, but not great for him and definitely not great when working midnights and trying to sleep during the day. I bought a set of blackout drapes for the bedroom then, and was surprised by how pricey they were. We took the blackout drapes down a while […]

Pinterest Challenge Time – Easy Onesie Dress

I’ve been doing all kinds of things that I’ve found on Pinterest lately (and not just pinning them – look at how productive I am! Also pinning some stuff of my own.), but I wanted one to use for Young House Love’s latest Pinterest Challenge. And one of my last projects before maternity leave ended was to make a couple of these adorable onesie dresses as shown here. Except I didn’t reaaaally use that tutorial, because Ainsley is tall, so I couldn’t afford to lose an inch of fabric length in the onesie. So instead I just sewed the skirt […]

Sewing Project: Make a laptop sleeve out of a sweatshirt or sweater

My parents got me a fancy new sewing machine for Christmas, and I already have about a million projects for it. It’s the machine pictured to the right, which wow, despite the horrible Amazon ratings seems to work pretty darn well for me. I definitely like it (though anything would be an upgrade from one of those $20 little “dressmaker” things I used to have until it died). I was packing for a trip I’m taking this week for work (which I really, really don’t want to take, but mehhh you know how these things work) and realized that my […]