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Stop Crape Murder

It’s crape murder season! I’ve discussed the problem of crape murder before, and discussed how I prune my row of crape myrtles in front of my house. I know most people do it because they don’t know any better and see others doing it. And the trees DO usually look fine in the summer (though a little “truffula tree” to me). But do you want your trees to look like this all winter? (You may want to avert your eyes.) No? Didn’t think so. And if you don’t have those nubs yet, then you either have to cut off the […]

Help my garden of shame

So. This is the much-maligned old veggie garden. My original plan was to put some perennial veggies and herbs here (asparagus, rhubarb, etc). But that has yet to happen, and so this are just keeps getting uglier and uglier. There are some perennial herbs: rosemary (infested with weed grass), lemon verbena, sage, and sweet annie. There is also a gaura that I moved when it no longer fit in its old location (and alllllmost killed in the process. I think it may pull through, but we’ll see). I really need to do something with this area to make it less […]

Garden Foes: I Hate Locust Trees

On one side of our yard is a small, woodsy, naturalized area. There used to be a larger area like this in the back yard, but we increased our usable acreage after we moved in by clearing out all that brush and flattening out the ground there. And because of that, we have these lovely remnants. Do you see them? Do you see those evil things? Here, let me help. See them now? Locust trees. Black locust, I think. Doesn’t the name even sound gross? ick. During the spring, they do have pretty flowers. And then the flowers die off […]

Are Your Trees Ready for a Hurricane?

September = hurricane season. Are your trees ready? Some basic yearly care can save your trees, house, cars, and electricity. Check out the basics in my Southern Maryland News Net article. Here are some more tips and links to useful information/sources. TIPS: When planing near power lines, first check the maximum height of the tree for our area (zone 7A = Southern MD). Make sure the tree will be at least 5-10 feet shorter than the power line. Research suggests that trees often die as a result of stresses that occurred years, sometimes decades, before tree death. So prune the […]

Irene in Southern Maryland

(Apologies again for the sparse blogging this summer. Pregnancy and gardening and heat and blah just don’t mix very well.) So Irene hit Southern Maryland last weekend pretty hard. Lots of wind combined with lots of rain very fast (on already saturated ground) made trees all over the place just topple over from their roots. Small trees like my sassafrass, as well as 200+ year old trees at local churches and historical sites. Very sad to see, and it caused a lot of problems. We were without power for about 2 days, but many others lost power for almost a […]