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Because I know you want to see adorable beach pictures of my child

If you follow me on FB, you already got a sneak peek of these. A few weeks ago, we went on vacation to the Outer Banks, where we go every year. In fact, I’ve gone almost every year of my life. It was kind of surreal this year. Last year we went with my BFF and her kid (I was still preggo – see first link above). See, since I’m an only child, I always brought along Jessica as my friend on our family beach trips. She went with us from probably about 5th grade through graduating high school, and […]

Project “Be Jel”

I want to look like this again. Preferably with my breastfeeding boobs, although those are already fading, so I’ll at least just take the boobs I have now. But alas, I am not 18 any more (And dude. I’m 10 years older than that and STILL don’t have boobs like Jessica did then. So not fair.), and don’t dance for several hours 5 days a week. So I won’t ever look like THAT again. I mean, I was even tan! wtf. I would settle for this, though, which was 5 years ago. There isn’t a six pack, but there’s at […]

Vacation Wrap-Up

The long-awaited vacation is over, and it was amazing. Can’t wait to go back. We actually are thinking about going back in November as sort of a last pre-baby hurrah and bringing both sets of parents for a Thanksgiving on the beach. We’ll see. It was a little stressful going into vacation, I must say. We generally stay in Avon, a town on Hatteras Island, NC. Well Hurricane Irene did a doozy on them this year. Many homes and business were a total loss and many more deemed uninhabitable or damaged. The road was breeched in several places and new […]

Wordless Wednesday – Hatteras Inlet September 2010

Out of Office Auto-Reply

I’m sorry, but I am currently away from the blog. I am here: with these lovely people: doing this: I will reply to your message as soon as I damn well please after I get over the depression of having had to return from vacation. Thank you very much. (Check out last year’s 9/11 post if you’d like. Also – that guy on the far right up there in the group photo has done a couple tours in Afghanistan as a Marine. The other two guys are both deputies. Support yer troops and cops!)