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The Tomato Rant: Stop Heirloom-Based Discrimination

Heirloom tomatoes are SO HOT RIGHT NOW, guys. I mean, when was the last time you saw a recipe that included tomatoes that called for “regular, boring, store-bought tomatoes?” Right? But what the heck IS an heirloom tomato, anyway? What makes them so special? Doesn’t it just mean “tomatoes in a bunch of fun colors and shapes?” Here’s the thing. Some heirloom tomatoes are shit. They don’t taste great, have horrible disease resistance, and don’t produce well. Some taste great and still have the other problems. Some are totally amazing tasting AND do great in the garden. But there is […]

Veggie Reviews: Russian Rose Tomato

RUSSIAN ROSE TOMATO Got seeds from: @betweenthelimes Planting info: I started this from seed and it is now planted in the raised bed reserved for tomatoes. It gets the best possible conditions in my yard: raised bed with the most sun, and the one that is first in the soaker hose line so it gets the most water. Beauty points: I wish I had taken a pre-slice picture of the first one I picked. It was gorgeous and huge! Size varies from huge to medium, but I don’t think there’s been a blemish on any of them. You can pick […]

Veggie Reviews: Lemon Cucumber and Spacemaster Cucumber

I’m trying to keep track of what I grow this year, so that I can decide if I want to grow certain things again next year. These “veggie reviews” will be categorized as such on the blog. I’ve found them useful on other blogs, so hopefully someone finds these useful as well! One thing I’ve consistendly found useful in this regard is Hannah’s tomato tastings, so I’ll model somewhat after that. LEMON CUCUMBER Got seeds from: I can’t remember! Either @getinthegarden, @snarkyvegan, or @betweenthelimes. I forgot to mark it on my seed spreadsheet. Oops! Planting info: I mislabeled a spacemaster […]

Veggie Reviews: What will I grow next year?

This is a more general “veggie reviews”. Not going over specific kids of veggies, but just what veggies I will and will not plan on growing next year in the garden. Might help you if you’ve got a similar garden situation. For reference, my garden is 4 raised beds and one rocky, in-ground bed about the size of a raised bed. The in-ground bed hasn’t gotten a lot of water this year as we’ve had a drought (I give it some sprinkler time as needed), but the raised beds are watered by a soaker hose daily. I of course of […]