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Beets by Dre (and Radishes)

OK, no. Kidding. But that totally cracks me up. So Friday I was off (I am off every other Friday since I work 9 hour days – it’s GREAT) and it was AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS. Which is great since the whole rest of the weekend was cold cold cold and windy. So anyway. After we took a walk, Ainsley took a nice nap and I was able to get outside and get a few seeds in the ground! It’s too cold for most things yet (though when I gt my hands on a decent container, I am going to try to […]

Fall Cleanup! Finally!

Last weekend, I FINALLY got around to cleaning up the raised beds, moving the pots and other random assorted things from beside the shed, and doing a few other things on my (still not complete) fall cleanup list. When you don’t take summer vacation until after labor day, and then have all kinds of weddings and craziness after that, you tend to procrastinate on things like this (said Ms. Excuse Pants). Here are the “befores”. Yeesh. Not cute. As crappy as those tomato plants look, I am happy with the results of the ‘stake and tie’ method. I liked it […]

The Tomato Rant: Stop Heirloom-Based Discrimination

Heirloom tomatoes are SO HOT RIGHT NOW, guys. I mean, when was the last time you saw a recipe that included tomatoes that called for “regular, boring, store-bought tomatoes?” Right? But what the heck IS an heirloom tomato, anyway? What makes them so special? Doesn’t it just mean “tomatoes in a bunch of fun colors and shapes?” Here’s the thing. Some heirloom tomatoes are shit. They don’t taste great, have horrible disease resistance, and don’t produce well. Some taste great and still have the other problems. Some are totally amazing tasting AND do great in the garden. But there is […]

How Did My Tomatoes Fare in the Storm?

Tomatoes, shomatoes. Before we get to that…I actually missed last weekend’s storm because I was out of town visiting family in NC, welcoming a brand new baby cousin. It’s hard to believe that all of us now have babies of our own. We had a great time during the visit, and Ainsley got to meet a lot of her NC family for the first time. Poor thing’s got cousins all over the place! I was traveling to NC on Friday night when the storm hit. We had no major damage at our house (and didn’t even lose power). But we […]

Stake and Tie Those Tomatoes!

So this year, my main method of tomato support is the “stake and tie” method, which does NOT involve just tying tomatoes to a stake. Find out more about the method here. It’s going well so far! I currently have 2 rows of twine on all the tomatoes, but here are some pics form when I had one row. It takes a bit of weaving, but everything seems happy and well-supported so far. I’ll keep you updated, but I’m really liking the method so far! It keeps things supported and looking fairly neat and tidy (I have a front yard […]