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Beets by Dre (and Radishes)

OK, no. Kidding. But that totally cracks me up. So Friday I was off (I am off every other Friday since I work 9 hour days – it’s GREAT) and it was AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS. Which is great since the whole rest of the weekend was cold cold cold and windy. So anyway. After we took a walk, Ainsley took a nice nap and I was able to get outside and get a few seeds in the ground! It’s too cold for most things yet (though when I gt my hands on a decent container, I am going to try to […]

Family Photo 2012: The Saga

I like to do a family photo around Christmastime each year, because we’re all gussied up and whatnot. We skipped it last year because I was due to have a baby any day and felt awful, but we did it in [ - something is up with this and it won't link, but there is the URL to copy/paste] 2010 and also in 2009 and 2008 (can’t find that year at the sec). I really wanted to do one this year with all of us. I’m planning on doing another family photo shoot with Ben Hallissy in the spring, when […]

Spring. In January/February. In Maryland. wtf

Wordless Wednesday – Why I’m procrastinating on starting seeds

(Click to enlarge and see the horror that awaits me as I figure out how the heck I am going to start seeds in the shed instead of in the cat room this year.

Wordless Wednesday – Lucy’s First Snow