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Depression isn’t what you think it is.

So, as you may have gathered from my last post, I’ve been dealing with some mild depression lately. It’s something I’ve dealt with before, but it still sucks. So hey, let’s talk about it. I’ll skip over the long version of the story and just say I have depression issues when taking hormonal birth control (ie the pill). I REALLY wish this side effect was discussed more. I learned this years ago only after having been unknowingly Depressed most of college, and found a particular pill that seemed to not bother me. Only after being totally OFF the pill when […]

I love this house, but I hate it.

Allow me to complain for a bit. So I’ve been thinking this post in my head for a while, and then something happened. A blog I follow, Young House Love, revealed that they’d bought a new house. Ever since they moved into their current one about 3 years ago, I’ve been following along, jealous at all the things they are doing to it to make it their own and awesome and wonderful. Jealous because Sherri doesn’t have to bug John about changing the wall color again, because changing the wall color is LITERALLY their job and what they get paid […]

This is why we can’t have nice things.

So a few weeks ago (pre-termite discovery), I was doing one of those extra-thorough house cleaning jobs you do every few times, and that included wiping down our new leather chair, bought just a few months ago. I noticed that one of the corners of the chair – the corner that dog, baby, and people have to brush my to get past it – was already looking worn. It bummed me out, since we had mentioned when we bought it that man! it was a leather recliner! that thing could be with us the rest of our lives! yeah notsomuch. […]

How Did My Tomatoes Fare in the Storm?

Tomatoes, shomatoes. Before we get to that…I actually missed last weekend’s storm because I was out of town visiting family in NC, welcoming a brand new baby cousin. It’s hard to believe that all of us now have babies of our own. We had a great time during the visit, and Ainsley got to meet a lot of her NC family for the first time. Poor thing’s got cousins all over the place! I was traveling to NC on Friday night when the storm hit. We had no major damage at our house (and didn’t even lose power). But we […]

My Favorite Veteran

…will always be my dad. Here he is with my Granny in April 1970 after returning from Vietnam, where he was awarded a Bronze Star Medal.