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5 Minute Refashion – Too-small Onesie into Ruffled Tee

I was given a bag of baby clothes by a friend’s coworker’s friend. Yeah…I only know the friend and not the other two, which is kinda weird. But hey – baby clothes! I’ll take them. And they even should be size/season appropriate for Miss A. There was one onesie that was a bit small, though at “up to 3 months” size (she is still wearing some 3 month onesies at 4 months, but some are getting snug). It was a cute onesie, though, especially since it said “I

Pinterest Challenge Time – Easy Onesie Dress

I’ve been doing all kinds of things that I’ve found on Pinterest lately (and not just pinning them – look at how productive I am! Also pinning some stuff of my own.), but I wanted one to use for Young House Love’s latest Pinterest Challenge. And one of my last projects before maternity leave ended was to make a couple of these adorable onesie dresses as shown here. Except I didn’t reaaaally use that tutorial, because Ainsley is tall, so I couldn’t afford to lose an inch of fabric length in the onesie. So instead I just sewed the skirt […]