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Cleaning the INSIDE of fleece-lined shoes or slippers

Will got me some Minnetonka slippers for Christmas – a considerable upgrade from the cheap-o WalMart pair of moccasins I had been wearing. So much more comfy! I’ve actually almost accidentally left the house with them on several times (don’t teenage girls just wear them out, anyway?). And since my feet are always cold, I am wearing these 95.7% of the time I am in the house. And somehow, even though I don’t run through the dirt before I put them on, even though often I put them on fresh out of the shower with clean tootsies, the insides get […]

Pinterest Challenge…FAIL? – Sharpie Tie Die

Heyyyy, way to post a bajillion posts in a row, Jennah! I know I know. But things just keep HAPPENING! Right? So anyway. I read Young House Love pretty much daily and am really getting into it with Bower Power. I have done the Pinterest Challenge before (No Sew Pillowcase and Onesie Dress), so here I am again. I scoured my pinboards for something that I thought I could get done in a timely fashion and came up with nadaaa. In the end, I ended up finding a bunch of tutorials for Sharpie tie dye and decided to try that […]

Try Harder. But don’t be too hard on yourself.

I’ve been a bit down in the dumps lately, and I’m not sure why. It’s not helped that it’s been slow at work lately, so I’ve not been feeling very “useful” there (even though it has been slow for everyone, so it’s not just me!). And I must say, after being on the marketing side of things for so long I had forgotten how hard being an editor really is sometimes. Especially now, since rather than a coworker being my second edit, it’s usually my boss. See, an editor can catch 95% of the things wrong in a document (of […]

5 Minute Refashion – Too-small Onesie into Ruffled Tee

I was given a bag of baby clothes by a friend’s coworker’s friend. Yeah…I only know the friend and not the other two, which is kinda weird. But hey – baby clothes! I’ll take them. And they even should be size/season appropriate for Miss A. There was one onesie that was a bit small, though at “up to 3 months” size (she is still wearing some 3 month onesies at 4 months, but some are getting snug). It was a cute onesie, though, especially since it said “I

Pinterest Challenge Time – Easy Onesie Dress

I’ve been doing all kinds of things that I’ve found on Pinterest lately (and not just pinning them – look at how productive I am! Also pinning some stuff of my own.), but I wanted one to use for Young House Love’s latest Pinterest Challenge. And one of my last projects before maternity leave ended was to make a couple of these adorable onesie dresses as shown here. Except I didn’t reaaaally use that tutorial, because Ainsley is tall, so I couldn’t afford to lose an inch of fabric length in the onesie. So instead I just sewed the skirt […]