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How to fix leggy seedlings

I am starting my seedlings this year under some office lights, in a storage bin, in front of a window, on top of the dog kennel. They get pretty good light, but some still get a bit leggy. And while eventually they’re just too leggy and it’s difficult, it IS easy to fix legginess in some seedlings, like tomatoes. This little guy qualifies as a bit too leggy for my liking. (Yes, I should also snap off one of those plants to avoid crowding…) See, tomatoes are actually sort of a vine. If you’ve ever had a butt-ton of cherry […]

Starting seeds on top of the dog kennel…

Think you don ‘t have room to start seeds in your house? Think again, buddy. For a couple years, I had the luxury of a pretty sweet setup in the “cat room” and the shed. Then the cat room became the baby’s room and the shed got hit by lightning, killing the shelf (it sort of exploded/melted). But before that, I started seeds on top of my fridge. Almost everybody should be able to pull that off. And this year, I’m starting seeds on top of the dog kennel in the office. Yup. I bought a pair of under-bed storage […]